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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

10 million pageviews

We have reached the astonishing number of 10 million page views since we started counting in 2010. In reality, the number is much higher, because we started with our blog many years earlier in 2007. As you can see from the graph, we're still increasing our readership (Don't be misled by the dropping line at the end, that's because we are just halfway the month of July: the overall trend is moving up, as anyone can see, and it will probably still further increase in the course of the year.)

I hope we have meant a lot to listeners, musicians and labels alike.

10 million page views sounds like a lot, but in reality it's not. I'm sure some blogs make 100 mio pageviews per month. That is a lot. Our fantastic milestone is not very high by the standards of most commercial websites, so some humility is required. But for a non-commercial website, without advertising and promotional investments, and only focusing on free jazz, avant-garde jazz and free improvisation, it is a lot. What is our total "universe", as advertisers would call it, ie the totality of all fans of free jazz across the globe? We do not know, but we are confident that we are very close to reaching this entire small "universe", but as the graph shows, we are still expanding, so either we have not yet reached our potential, or - and this we hope - our free jazz universe is expanding, meaning that more citizens are getting interested in the genre.

Where are all these readers? They are scattered around the world. They don't know each other but they know the music they love, the artists they admire, and they share the same openness for new sounds and new listening experiences.

The ten million pageviews are coming from the following top-10 countries, but of course there are more countries with readers.

It's a milestone for us.

Here is to you, dear reader!


Cagey-C said...

Many thanks for what you do! Out of curiosity: does the pageview tally account in any way for email? I do visit the blog - most often to search for reviews of particular artists - but my primary engagement is through daily emails. I wonder how your pageview total would be different if opening an email were counted as a pageview.

Alen said...

Congratulations from a relatively new worshipper! I enjoy Your articles immensely, without this website I never would have found many of these incredible musicians, labels and records. Visiting this site became a part of my daily routine.
Keep it going, best of luck!

Stef said...

Dear Cagey-C, As a quasi digital illiterate it is hard to answer your question. I assume that if you only read the emails without clicking through to the website, that this does not count as a pageview. So this will make the actual number of visitors even higher. Thanks for pointing this out, as I had completely ignored this possibility. Thanks, Stef

Paul said...

Hi, I've wondered this myself ... not sure.