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Friday, February 21, 2020

Josh Sinton - Stone Cold Classics of 21st-Century Sax Repertory

Here is an interesting, evolving project from Brooklyn based woodwind player Josh Sinton. After a recent break from music, Sinton has returned with a series of very nicely produced videos on YouTube highlighting the work of musicians who have been influential to him. The list is extensive and will include Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, Roscoe Mitchell, Julius Hemphill, Tim Berne, Hilmar Jensson and compositions by Morton Feldman, Giacinto Scelsi, David Lang and more. Sinton is performing all of these solo on the baritone sax.

Sinton began releasing the videos in late January with a post of Morton Feldman's 'Projection 1 - Realization 5', and he has been releasing a new video every Monday since. The project is planned as on going until April 20th. We just caught wind of it, and enjoyed Anthony Braxton's 'Composition 26F', be sure to check in at, or for audio-only versions at

- Paul Acquaro