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Friday, June 5, 2020

A Free-Jazz Playlist for Justice

Dear readers,

These are difficult times, not just for the African American community, but also for civil rights, free speech, and Democracy in general. Several websites, clubs, radio stations, artists, etc. have been putting together playlists of music that focus on human and civil rights, police violence and the right to protest. We think this is a good idea, and feel strongly that free jazz still is a politically relevant way of expression. 

We're also putting together such a playlist, which is at the moment, only beginning.  

You can find the list here, (on Apple Music). 

The Free Jazz Blog 


George Lane said...

Thanks for the list - might I recommend a few as well:

Class Struggle In Music I & II - Amiri Baraka With David Murray & Steve McCall (New Music - New Poetry)

Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (Drop It On Themselves, 'Cause They Made It) - Mingus (Oh Yeah)

Beyond Columbus And Capitalism Suite - Fred Ho Saxophone Liberation Front (Snake Eaters)

Soul Brother (Dedicated To Malcolm X) - Andrew Cyrille Quintet (My Friend Louis)

Martin Schray said...

Thanks George. I added Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (Drop It On Themselves, 'Cause They Made It). The others are unfortunately not available on Apple Music.

prufrock said...

Hi Martin,
may I publish the playlist on Spotify too?

Martin Schray said...

Of course, Paolo, I'd be delighted.


Institutional racism in USA shouldn't make all of us, who live outside USA, oblivious and blind to racisn and fascism on our streets, in our countries.
I take the opportunity this nice post allows me to commemorate Helin Bolek, Mustafa Kocak and İbrahim Gökçek, who after many-many days of hunger strike died under the fascist regime of Erdogan in Turkey.
Musicians, members of the popular group (also popular in Greece) Grup Yorum they went on hunger strike because the Turkish state did not allow them to perform their music.

May they rest in peace//

TZ said...

eddie gale - black rhythm happening
john coltrane - alabama
tony williams - emergency
albert ayler - truth is marching in

TZ said...

ornette coleman - tears inside / tomorrow is the question
horace silver - to whom it may concern
pharoah sanders - colors
sonny sharrock - black woman
don cherry - brown rice

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your playlist. There is also a related one here:

"A Mix of Jazz, Dub, Poetry and Vocals, mostly directed at various injustices across the World. It kicks off with "Amazin' Disgrace" by World Saxophone Quartet featuring Carolyn Amba Hawthorne. Then followed by Legends like: Max Roach with the J.C. White Singers & later on with Abbey Lincoln/Eric Dolphy; Linton Kwesi Johnson; The Last Poets; U-Roy/Big Youth; Mutabaruka; Jayne Cortez; Amiri Baraka/David Murray; Archie Shepp/Horace Parlan. Finally, an instrumental cry for "Justice" by Sunny Murray/Albert Ayler/Don Cherry; followed by the hope of “One Love, One People (Slowly, But Surely)” by Ethnic Heritage Ensemble."

Other Free Jazz playlists can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Sorry the correct link is: