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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Anne Efternøler & Lige B​ø​rn (Hobby Horse Records, 2022)

By Stef Gijssels

We like to give new talent attention, and this one sounds very promising. Anne Efternøler is a Danish trumpeter who had the courage to release her first album in an unusual ensemble with three bassists: Thomas Morgan, Danish bass player Anders Christensen and  Danish/Faroese/Icelandic bass player Richard Andersson. Not only the line-up is relatively unique, so is Efternøler's daring to go beyond expectations musically. The music is partly composed, with discernable themes, melodies and sometimes rhythm, yet otherwise freedom reigns. She says: "”I love how, in art, we can reject all conventions, even the laws of nature and just decide yes this is possible! That is so liberating…”.

And that's how the music feels: liberated. The band explores the melodies and themes, the deep sound of the basses resonate well with the warm tone of the trumpet, and they offer some great trialogues among themselves. The music is welcoming - at least to open ears - gentle but with the touch of inventiveness and freedom that makes it interesting and captivating. Her music can be called elegant, gentle, intimate, but also authentic and straight from the heart. 

A warm sound for the christmas period. 



Richard said...

Really enjoying this on first listen. It's on bandcamp for anyone looking for it:

Unknown said...

Thanks for listening! and for the kind words about my music.