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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Our Sunday Interview - Thomas Heberer

Thomas Heberer (

1. What is your greatest joy in improvised music?
To be in the moment.

2. What quality do you most admire in the musicians you perform with?
To surprise me.

3. Which historical musician/composer do you admire the most? If you could resurrect a musician to perform with, who would it be?
I admire anybody with an original approach. If I could resurrect a musician to perform with, it would be Misha Mengelberg.

4. What would you still like to achieve musically in your life? 
To have a long shelf life of creative output (I have been at it for almost 50 years now).

5. Are you interested in popular music and - if yes - what music/artist do you particularly like
Sure! Caetano Veloso

6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Getting my hair back.

7. Which of your albums are you most proud of? 
Always the latest. "The Other Side of the Spoon" in honor of my friend Tristan Honsinger was released on Bandcamp on August 12.

8. Once an album of yours is released, do you still listen to it? And how often?
Once after the release; then again, 10 years later.

9.Which album (from any musician) have you listened to the most in your life?
Kenny Wheeler's "Gnu High." 

10. What are you listening to at the moment?
This morning my wife and I listened to Renaissance music by Josquin des Prez.

11. What artist outside music inspires you?

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  • Joe Hertenstein, Pascal Niggenkemper & Thomas Heberer - HNH (Clean Feed, 2015) ****½
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  • Thomas Heberer's Clarino - Cookbook (Red Toucan, 2012) *****
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  • Andreas Schmidt, Samuel Rohrer, Thomas Heberer - Pieces For A Husky Puzzle (Jazzwerkstatt, 2009) *****