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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Perforto - Uragano (Ramble Records, 2023)

By Ron Coulter

Uragano is the June 16, 2023 release from the Polish “string duo” Perforto, comprised of Ola Rzepka (percussionist, pianist, and composer) and Łukasz Marciniak (guitarist and composer). Here, Rzepka performs on prepared piano/piano interior and Marciniak on electric guitar, with both performers primarily actuating their instruments through extended techniques and various implements, objects, and/or vibrators.

This is gorgeous improvised music, both in the complexity of the sound and technical and creative skill of the improvisers. These musicians demonstrate a great depth of knowledge, technical ability, and creativity with their respective instruments and each other’s aesthetic. This is the kind of high level improvisation that simultaneously contains a sense of compositional intelligence at work; see especially track 3, Toungues , for it’s repetition, development, and overall form.

This six-track album is 41’29” in duration. Each track has a unique character, significantly defined by the techniques explored in their creation; be it the glissandi of piano strings and sympathetic vibration of a small rin on those strings accompanied by the motorized actuation of guitar strings of track 4, Frostrotremoj, or the percussive drumming on the piano strings with metal objects combined with the microtonal and more conventional rhythmic guitar playing of track 2, Blade Runner .

The sound quality of the recording is excellent, capturing the full spectrum of complex timbres in play. Each track leaves the listener wanting more of the orchestra-sized sound world that this duo creates. This is highly recommended listening!