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Friday, February 23, 2007

Oles/Pieronczyk/Oles - Gray Days (Not Two Records, 2001) ****

This one has just been released on both and iTunes (surprise!), and it is a real discovery. Three Polish musicians at the top of their skills. Adam Pieronczyk is a creative saxophonist with a very warm tone. The twin brothers Marcin (bass) and Bartlomiej (drums) are young and stellar musicians. I already knew Pieronczyk from his albums "Amusos" and "Plastinated Black Sheep" (both worth looking for), but this one is more intimate, and sad, sad, sad ... as the title already indicates. In terms of overall mood, Tomasz Stanko is never far away. What's the matter with these Polish musicians to create all this melancholy? What is burdening their hearts to makes them sigh so deeply? Yet beautiful, melodic, open and free... What do you want more?