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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing - Thing (Re-Release, 2007) ****

"" is a label with a mission : to re-release free and avant jazz albums that are no longer available, and to distribute them in a digital format only. In their own words "We painstakingly discover old gems, then locate artists, master the recordings to high standards, and write liner notes to tell the story. We embrace the future by investing in the past". That means a nice selection from the start and music destined for afficionados of the genre. "Thing", saxophonist Arni Cheatham's Boston area band in those days (he now plays with Aardvark Orchestra), brings an imitation of Miles Davis early 70s period, high energy music, funky, cosmic and nervous. This live performance dates from a concert in Cambridge, MA in 1972. The band further consist of Will Letman on trumpet, Vagn Leick on electric piano, David Saltman on electric bass, Kiah Nowlin on Drums, Dorian McGee on congas, and Bob O’Connell on guitar (on “Sketch”). Although obviously the musicians are not in the same league as the electric Miles band of that period, what they bring is exceptionally good, both in terms of overall playing, but certainly in the outright genuine, emotional and straightforward approach to their material. It is great from beginning to end, and very Miles-like even up to the little details, the long percussion driven hypnotic passages alternating with softer meditative moments, ... and with an audience that appreciates what it hears. Great to have re-released this album.

You can listen and donwload from iTunes.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sam Newsome - Monk Abstractions (SomeNewMusic, 2007) ***½

Sam Newsome certainly is an excellent soprano saxophonist, but his take on some of Thelonious Monk's more known compositions, also is more than a little ambitious. Ambitious in the sense that it's already a challenge in itself to fill an entire album with unaccompanied sax, but to use this restriction to bring a tribute to Monk, is setting not only limitations, but also adding real high hurdles. And Newsome has technical skills, and they're a real pleasure to listen to, but to me it just doesn't always mix with Monk's music, which is all about melody, harmony and rhythm pushed into a unique envelope, rich and soulful, which once transformed by Newsome's sax sound too distant, cerebral and cold, with too much focus on the instrument instead of the music itself. Despite the music's intrinsic qualities, like musical drive, playfulness, even fun and joy, nothing much of it transpires here (listen to Ben Goldberg's tribute to notice the difference). Sure, there are some fun things, as his tongue-slapping percussive alternation with the more melodic blowing of the tune in "Rhytm-a-ning". And his "Misterioso" is great too, with circular breathing, percussive sounds and even classical flights. On the other hand, he does not give us the richness and creative angle of other solo saxophonists like Evan Parker or Steve Lacy, because the focus is too much on the skills, often too self-conscously. The technique is all there, and for sax-players there will be a lot to enjoy and learn, yet the musical project suffers from it, with a few exceptions, like the real winner of the album, "Ugly Beauty", which gets a tentative, deeply emotional rendition. If the whole record had been like this song, it would have been a major success.

Listen, buy or download from CDBaby.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lonely Woman - 8 Femmes Seules (Minium Label, 2007) ****

Last year, the Minium Label came out with a series of CDs with the brilliant idea to ask all of the individual musicians to play a cover of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman", which is in my humble view still one of the most beautiful and complete jazz pieces every written. The CD itself can only be obtained if you return a flyer which is in all the other CDs, which is a nice marketing trick. Therefore I exceptionally share this link with the full CD which I found on someone else's blog.

The musicians are :
1. Stephan Oliva & Suzanne Abbuehl (piano + vocals)
2. Marc Copland & Bill Carrothers (two pianos)
3. Stephan Oliva & Joey Baron (piano + drums)
4. Bruno Angelini - Lonely Woman (piano)
5. Stephan Oliva & Claude Tchamitchian (piano + arco bass)
6. Stephan Oliva & Jean-Marc Foltz (piano + clarinet)
7. Giovanni Mirabassi (piano)
8. Stephan Oliva & Linda Sharrock (piano + vocals)
9. René Urtreger - L'échafaud (piano)

Only René Urtreger covers the Miles Davis tune L'échafaud. As you see the CD is very much a piano album, but a great one, more mainstream than free but the tracks with Tchamitchian and Foltz make up for this.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Jacob Sacks, Eivind Opsvik, Mat Maneri, Paul Motian - Two Miles A Day (Loyal Label, 2007) ****

Two young and talented musicians, pianist Jacob Sacks and bassist Eivind Opsvik talk about with whom of all the living jazz greats, they would like to play, and the unanimous answer is Paul Motian. And lo-and-behold, a while later they are locked up in a studio with the master, joined by Mat Maneri on violin and viola, and six hours later this recording has become a reality. And the speed clearly had a positive effect on the end result. On 11 tracks the four musicians bring out the best they can in terms of intensive playing, mining their respective and common musical idioms, from bop over latin influences to more abstract and free pieces. Some of the tracks had been composed before by Sacks and Opsvik, but not all. The title track is one of my favorites on this album, because it exemplifies Motian's concept of implicit rhythm, playing around it, accentuating it, rather than emphasizing it. And the other musician's follow suit, which makes the music the equivalent of an impressionist painting, shades and coloring which still draw a picture, but leaning toward the abstract. But other tracks are closer to mainstream, melodic, rhythmic and accessible, with Maneri's odd microtonal viola adding subtle emotional touches and out-of-this-world sounds. Light, deep, open-minded and rich music by four excellent and inspired musicians.

Listen to or buy from CDBaby.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gwincinski-Richter-Skolik - Jupiter Urizen Wernyhora Trungpa (Not Two, 1998) ****

This is an amazing album, which is now available for download on several sites. It's a kind of guitar jazz instrumental music, reminiscent of Pink Floyd in the early post-Barrett period, with long, spacious and rhythmic relatively simple structures full of intrinsic tension and high quality instrumental touches and sounds, creating an eery, gloomy, hypnotic atmosphere. Jazz would not be a correct qualifier, but neither are rock nor fusion. The overall result is highly unusual, compelling and entrancing. With Tomasz Gwinciński on guitar and banjo, Loco Richter on bass guitar and B-3 organ, Arkadiusz Skolik on drums, xylophone, and with on some tracks Renata Suchodolska on cello and Tomasz Mucha on violin. This music is not about instrumental prowess, or clever harmonic development, rhythmic subtleties, or even about melody : it's all about atmosphere and mood, created over long repetitive rhythms, building a gloomy, sometimes melancholy tension with instrumental accents and shadings. Throughout the album the musicians keep their creative and unique approach to music, even if all tracks are different and by themselves of interest. Hypnotic and entrancing - I find no other words for it.

Listen and buy digitally from AllAboutJazz or Klicktrack


Friday, January 25, 2008

Vandermark 5 - Beat Reader (Atavistic, 2008) ****½

Cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm sure adds some spice and change of perspective to the Vandermark 5, a free jazz band with stong roots in the tradition and characterized by Vandermark's broad, soulful and often funky soloing. Those characteristics are still here, but the quintet moves more into avant and free improv territory, with touches of chamber jazz, prog rock and even Hendrix-like sounds, not from a guitar, but from the cello! Variation galore with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Listen to "Signposts", on which both Lonberg-Holm on cello and Kent Kessler on bass create an nervous background frenzy with their bows, while Vandermark and Rempis play slow contained melancholy notes over the madness of the strings, then Tim Daisy breaks the thing open into a high tempo drums duo with the bass clarinet, and then when you think the whole thing will move into a free-bopper, the piece collapses into some slow playing, then picking up speed again with the clarinet going crazy, one beat by Rempis and the whole thing stops for the arco bass to play some chamberlike tune moving into cacophony when the cello and all the other instruments join, suddenly and unexpectedly ending with unisono rhythmic beats by the whole band. "Speedplay" is wonderful free bop, high tempo, high energy, great fun, ending in a few minutes by the cello emulating Hendrix. Not one track has a unity of style or approach, but is broken down in many pieces without loosing coherence. This is probably one of Vandermark's strongest compositional strengths : to structure carefully with strong melodic lines (listen to the beauty of "Any Given Number"), while leaving freedom to act, to integrate many things while creating something new, and all this while maintaing the band's phenomenal drive. It's fierce, it's tender, it's hypnotic. A captivating, surprising, intense album.

Available for download from


Why free jazz?

True art is about emotions. True music is about emotions. Few musical genres have the power to unleash all emotional reactions, and free jazz is certainly one of the richest.

In the dumps
Out of Sorts
Choked up
Ill at ease

So, that's quite a lot to express.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jane Ira Bloom - Mental Weather (Outline, 2008) ***½

I have always liked the music of Jane Ira Bloom, but not too enthusiastically. Her soprano playing is excellent, her use of electronics is adventurous yet controlled, her compositions are creative, melodically and rhytmically more than just interesting, I mean ... it's all there, yet there's something lacking and I can't put my finger on it. Is it not raw enough? Is her music too controlled? Or too cerebral? Or is it too fluid, with insufficient relief (a flowing river rather than cascades or rapids)? This feeling is the same with her new album, which is released in two parts (a digital mp3 version with a continuous performance, and an otherwise identical CD with separate tracks). And it's also not the level of musicianship, which is very high, with Dawn Clement on piano and Fender Rhodes, Mark Helias on bass and Matt Wilson on drums - what a line-up! And Jane Ira Bloom's playing is excellent too, warm, precize, creative. Because it's all so great, post-bop of the highest level, or even at times in a category of her own, I'm sure the problem must reside with me. So, enjoy, because it's good.

Download as 1 track from


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Andrew D'Angelo - Skadra Degis (Skirl Records, 2008) ****½


Three big names of modern jazz : Andrew D'Angelo on sax, Trevor Dunn on bass and Jim Black on drums. When I first listened to the CD, a strong memory of the Thomas Chapin trio arose : a powerful sax trio, which often starts tracks with a strong riff-like vamp, as the kick-off for great improvizations, always with a strong sense of melody and rhythm, fierce, hard-hitting yet at times sentimental and romantic : in other words : a weird combination but it works. The three musicians have been working in various fields of jazz, always on the look-out for new adventures, new trials and opportunities to enlargen their own horizon, mixing styles and blending genres, and it's good to hear them in such a straight-ahead trio format, yet the amazing thing is that they kind of integrate the findings from their adventures into rock, avant-garde, balkan and electronic jazz in the acoustic music they bring here. Andrew D'Angelo and Jim Black also play together in Hilmar Jenson's Tyft, and in The Human Feel, with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Chris Speed, but the music is not comparable. The Human Feel brings more composed avant-garde jazz - and I wasn't too impressed with last year's "Galore", but on this record, feeling is much more imporant than form. This album is also miles away from D'Angelo's Scandinavian aggressive hard noise free jazz adventure with the Morthana trio. One of the many qualities of this band is the variation in the compositions. The first track is powerful free bop adventure, the second starts with a strong bass line for four minutes of melodic polyrhythmic joy (with Dunn leading the dance), the third a kind of ballad that goes haywire without loosing focus, the fourth a relentless hard-hitter (with Black in a leading role), followed by the romantic more abstract "Rutloosic", which starts with a great and intense conversation between bass clarinet and arco bass, "Morthana" is built around a joyful boppy tune on alto, while "Boo Be Boo Bee Bee" (great title!) is a dark moody avant piece with long abstract lines and bowed bass evolving into pure madness alternating with an almost classical melody, collapsing into madness again, etc., while "Fichtik" is full of tender sentiment, and "Gay Disco" brings us back to Thomas Chapin territory : a high enery full speed melodic and powerful theme as lead-in for improv, with bass and drum demonstrating what it means to have rhythm! ... This combination of raw energy, melodic themes, musical adventure and emotional expressiveness works well for D'Angelo. He gets the freedom here that he seems to have missed in the past. Great album!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Hélène Labarrière - Les Temps Changent (Emouvance, 2007) ****

Creating musical tension is not an easy task : you need to work on a sense of anticipation from the listener, who enjoys the surprises and contradictions he or she is confronted with, wanting to hear more of it, anxious about how the music is going to evolve, eager to know where it's going to end. And tension is exactly one of the major qualities of the second album by French bass-player Hélène Labarrière. The very first tones of "Soizig", the first track, already suck the listener into this feeling : brushed drum-playing, with rhythmic but asymmetric bass-playing is spiced with eery metallic sounds by guitar and sax. Tension is built, with little flourishes of relief, but not yielding everything. Labarrière is joined by François Corneloup on baritone sax, Hasse Poulsen on guitar and Christophe Marguet on drums. The contradiction is to be found in the tension between the incredible sense of rhythm, often repetitive and hypnotic, over which odd and often abstract unisono melodies are played, making the music inviting yet unfamiliar, forming the basis for controlled improvizations. The four band members are absolutely excellent in the overall unity of style the record brings, switching between soft loaded passages and fierce intense moments with screeching guitar and whailing baritone sax. Corneloup is a great baritone sax player as I mentioned earlier and Hasse Poulsen uses lots of extended techniques on his guitar and litterally with great effect. The only track which does not really quite fit is "Good Boy", bringing a folky melody on the acoustic guitar, a little bit too joyous for the dark mood and complex elaborations on the rest of the album. The title ("times are changing") not only refers to the time in between sounds (rhythmic definition), but also to the fact that because times are changing so fast (real life definition), we should not be deaf to the world and listen carefully, but above all, we should have a sense of urgency in what we have to say and play even more lively. That is what Hélène Labarrière writes about her own music. Let's hope that she walks the talk and doesn't wait another ten years for her next album.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alphabetical Overview Of All CD Reviews

Overview of all CD reviews (last updated March 3, 2011)

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Ab Baars & Meinrad Kneer - Windfall
Abdelhaï Bennani - There Starts The Future
Abdelhaï Bennani Trio - In Side
Achim Kaufmann, Mark Dresser, Harris Eisenstadt - Starmelodics
Achim Kaufmann, Robert Landfermann, Christian Lillinger - Grünen
Acoustic Guitar Trio - Vignes
Adam Caine Trio - Thousandfold

Adam Lane/Ken Vandermark/Magnus Broo/Paal Nilssen-Love - 4 Corners
Adam Lane - Buffalo
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Adam Pieronczyk - Live In Berlin
Adam Pierończyk Quartet - El Buscador
Adam Rogers - Time And The Infinite

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Dream Garden

Adam Rudolph & Ralph Jones - Yèyi
Ad Peijnenburg & William Parker - Brooklyn Calling

Aeroplane Trio - Naranja Ha
Ahleuchatistas - Of The Body Prone
Agent-K - Mouvements
Agusti Fernández & Barry Guy - Some Other Place 
Agustí Fernández, Barry Guy & Ramón López - Morning Glory
Agustí Fernández, Baldo Martinez & Ramón López - Triez
Aida Severo 
Aki Takase & Silke Eberhard - Ornette Coleman Anthology
Aki Takase & Alexander Von Schlippenbach - Iron Wedding
Aki Takase - A Week Went By
Akira Sakata - Friendly Pants
AlasNoAxis - Houseplant
Albert Beger - Big Mother
Alberto Braida - Talus
Alberto Pinton, Kullhammar, Zetterberg, Nordeson - Chant

Aldo Romano - Complete Communion To Don Cherry
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Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio - Bauhaus Dessau
Alexandra Grimal Trio - Shape
Alexandra Grimal - Owls Talk
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Alex Sipiagin - Prints

Alexey Kruglov - Russian Metaphor 
Alexey Lapin & Yuri Yaremchuk - Anatomy Of Sound 
Alexey Lapin - Parallels 
Alipio C. Neto - The Perfume Comes Before The Flower
Alvin Fielder - A Measure Of Vision

Amalgam - Prayer For Peace
Amir ElSaffar - Two Rivers

Amir ElSaffar & Hafez Modirzadeh - Radif Suite
AMM - Trinity
AMM - Sounding Music
Amos Hoffman - Evolution
Andrea Centazzo - Voyagers
Andrea Centazzo & Gianluigi Trovesi - Shock!! 

Andrea Centazzo & Joe Giardullo - The Way - Live In Woodstock
Andreas Schmidt, Samuel Rohrer, Thomas Heberer - Pieces For A Husky Puzzle
Andrew Cyrille & Greg Osby - Low Blue Flame
Andrew D'Angelo - Skadra Degis
Andrew Lamb - New Orleans Suite
Andrzej Przybielski/Oles/Oles - Abstract

Andy Milne & Benoît Delbecq - Where Is Pannonica?
Andy Sheppard - Movements In Colour
Angelica Sanchez - Life Between
Angelo Olivieri - Caos Musique
Angles - Every Woman Is A Tree
Angles - Epileptical West/Live In Coimbra
Anthony Braxton - (Glasgow) 2005
Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Milford Graves - Beyond Quantum
Anthony Braxton & Joe Morris - Four Improvisations
Anthony Braxton by Geneviève Foccroule - Piano Music (1968-2000)
Anthony Braxton - Quartet GTM (2001)

Anthony Braxton - Standards (Brussels) 2006
Anthony Braxton & Kyle Brenders - Toronto (Duets)
Anthony Braxton & Joëlle Léandre - Duo
Anthony Braxton - 19 Standards (Quartet) 2003
Anthony Braxton & Ann Rhodes - GTM (Syntax) 2003
Anthony Braxton - GTM (Outpost) 2003
Anthony Braxton & Gery Hemingway - Old Dogs
Anthony Coleman - Freakish - Anthony Coleman Plays Jerry Roll Morton
Anthony Ortega - Afternoon in Paris
Anthony Santor Ari Diaconis Project - Beyond Human

Archie Shepp - Gemini
Archie Shepp & Dar Gnawa

Archie Shepp - The New York Contemporary Five
Architeuthis Walks on Land - Natura Naturans
Ariel Shibolet - Live At The Total Music Meeting
Arild Andersen - Live At Belleville
Arsis - Désordres
Arszyn / Duda - ŚĘ
Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Fundamental Destiny
Artifact: iTi Live In St. Johann 
Arve Henriksen - Strjon

Astula Democratica - Illusio 
Atle Nymo, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Håkon Mjåset Johansen - Complete Communion Atomic - Happy New Ears
Atomic - Retrograde

Atomic/Schooldays - Distil

Atomic - Theater Tilters, Vol. 1
Atomic - Theater Tilters, Vol. 2Avant Coast - Discussions
Avishaï Cohen - After The Big Rain
Avishai Cohen - Flood
Avram Fefer Trio - Ritual

Axel Dörner & Diego Chamy - Super Axel Dörner
Azar Lawrence - Prayer For My Ancestors
Back & Forth - Unavoidable Casualty
Ballister – Bastard String 
Bar Kokhba - Lucifer, Book Of Angels, Vol.10
Barre Phillips - Portraits
Barry Guy/Mats Gustafsson/Raymond Strid - Tarfala
Barry Guy - Phases Of The Night
Barry Guy & Mats Gustafsson - Sinners, Rather Than Saints

Ben Goldberg Quartet : Baal: The Book Of Angels vol. 15
Ben Syversen - Cracked Vessel
Ben Stapp - Ecstasis
Bengt Berger - Bitter Funeral Beer
Bengt Berger & Kjell Westling - Spelar, Live In Stockholm 1977
Bengt Berger - Beches Brew
Bengt Berger/Knutsson/Spering - See You In A Minute
Benjamin Duboc & Itaru Oki - Nobusiko
Benoît Delbecq - Circles And Calligrams
Bernardo Sassetti Trio - Motion  
Bert Turetsky, Vinny Golia, George Lewis - Triangulation II
Bill Dixon With Exploding Star Orchestra
Bill Dixon - 17 Musicians In Search Of A Sound : Darfur

Bill Dixon - Tapestries for Small Orchestra
Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel, Ben Hall - Weight/Counterweight
Bill Frisell - Floratone
Bill Frisell - History, Mystery
Billy Hart Trio - Live At Café Damberd
Billy Stein - Hybrids
Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Live In Nurnberg
Blaise Siwula - New York Moments
Blaise Siwula & Carsten Radke
Blastula - Scarnoduo
Bob Gluck Trio - Sideways
Bobby Bradford - Varistar
Bobby Bradford, Gjerstad, Håker Flaten, Nilssen-Love - Reknes
Bobby Previte & New Bump - Set The Alarm For Monday
Bobby Zankel Trio - Many In Body, One In Mind
Boots Brown - Boots Brown
Borah Bergman Trio - Luminescence
Borah Bergman & Stefano Pastor - Live At Tortona
Brad Shepik - Places You Go
Brad Shepik - Human Activity Suite
Brian Groder - Torque
Brian Groder & Burton Greene - Groder & Greene 
Bridge 61 - Journal
Buffalo Collision - Duck
Burton Greene & Perry Robinson - Two Voices In The Desert
Burton Greene - Live At The Woodstock Playhouse 1965 
Byard Lancaster - Live At Macalester College
Calling Signals 08 - From Café Oto
Camisetas - Camisetas 
Çağrı Erdem - ConnectedCarl Ludwig Hübsch - The Universe Is A Disk
Carl Maguire - Sided Silver Solid
Carl Testa - Uncertainty
Carla Bley - Escalator Over The Hill
Carla Bley - The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu

Carla Bley - Carla's Christmas Carols
Carl-Ludwig Hübsch - Primordial Soup
Carlos Barretto - Lokomotiv

Carlos Barretto - Labirintos
Carolyn Hume - Gravity And Grace
Carolyn Hume & Paul May - Come To Nothing
Cecil Taylor & Dominic Duval - The Last Dance Vol. 1 & 2
Cécile Broché & Etienne Bouyer Duo
Chad Taylor - Circle Down

Charles Gayle/William Parker/Rashied Ali - By Any Means
Charles Gayle Trio - Our Souls
Charles Lloyd Quartet - Rabo De Nube

Charles Rumback - Two Kinds Of Art Thieves
Charlie Haden - Liberation Music Orchestra
Charlie Hunter - Mistico 

Ches Smith & These Arches - Finally Out Of My Hands 
Chicago Underground Trio - Chronicle

Chicago Underground Duo - Boca Negra
Chopsticks - Chopsticks
Chris Dadge - I'd Drive Yr Ass Across The World If I Had To
Chris Gestrin - After The City Has Gone:Quiet
Chris Kelsey - The Crookedest Straight Line
Chris Kelsey - The Crookedest Straight Line, Vol. 2
Chris Kelsey - Not Cool (as in ... the opposite of Paul Desmond)
Chris Potter - Follow The Red Line
Chris Riggs - Achievement Is It's Own Reward
Chris Speed, Chris Cheek & Stéphane Furic Leibovici - Jugendstil
Christian Lillinger's Grund - First Reason
Christian Wallumrod - The Zoo Is Far
Christoph Gallio - Soziale Musik
Circadian Rhythm Kings - Circadian Rhythm Kings
Claire DeBrunner, Daniel Carter, Ken Silverman, Tom Zlabinger - Macroscopia 
Clare Cooper - HammeriverCodona - The Codona Trilogy
Collective 4tet - Transition
Colin Town HR Big Band - Visions Of Miles
Commitment - The Complete Recordings 1981/1983
Conference Call - Poetry In Motion
Conference Call - What About
Contet/Chevillon/Corneloup - Nu
Cooper-Moore - Digital Primitives

Cooper-Moore retrospective 1990- 2010   
Correction - Two Nights In April
Co Streiff Sextet - Loops, Holes And Angels
Craig Green & David King
Create!! - A Prospect Of Freedom
Curtis Clark Trio - Táági
Cuong Vu - Vu-tet
Dangerous Musics in '91
Daniel Blacksberg Trio - Bit Heads 
Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi - Mountain Path
Daniel Carter & Matt Lavelle - Live
Daniel Carter - Singular
Daniel Carter/Colbourne/Flaherty - A Flash In The Sky 
Daniel Carter, Alberto Fiori, Tom Abbs, Federico Ughi - The Perfect Blue 
Daniel Erdmann, Jonas Westergaard, Samuel Rohrer - Sleeping With The Enemy
Daniel Humair - Full Contact
Daniel Humair, Tony Malaby, Bruno Chevillon - Pas De Dense
Daniel Levin - Blurry
Daniel Levin - Fuhuffah
Daniel Levin Quartet - Live At Roulette
Daniel Zamir - I Believe
Daniele Cavallanti & Tiziano Tononi - Rings Of Fire
Dans Les Arbres - Dans Les Arbres
Darius Jones Trio - Man'ish Boy
Darren Johnston - Reasons For Moving
Darren Johnston - The Edge Of The Forest
Dave Ballou - Insistence
Dave Ballou, Terrence McManus, Dennis Gray - Thirty9Thirty8
Dave Douglas - Live At The Jazz Standard
Dave Douglas - Moonshine
Dave Liebman - Renewal

Dave Liebman, Evan Parker, Tony Bianco - Relevance 
Dave Liebman - Turnaround - The Music Of Ornette Coleman
Dave Rempis & Frank Rosaly - Cyrillic
David Arner Trio - Out In The Open
David Arner Trio - Porgy & Bess
David Binney - Out Of Airplanes
David Binney - Third Occasion
David Binney - Graylen Epicenter
David Crowell Ensemble - Spectrum 
David Haney Trio - Blues Royale
David Sait - Postage Paid Duets, Vol. 2

David Schnitter - The Spirit Of Things
David Taylor - Red Sea 
David Torn - Prezens
David S. Ware - Surrendered
David S. Ware - Renunciation
David S. Ware - Shakti
David S Ware Quartet - Live In Vilnius
David S. Ware - Saturnian
David S. Ware - Onecept
Dawn Of Midi - First
DCIC with Greg Osby - Live At The Warehouse
Dead Country, Featuring Eugene Chadbourne
Declared Enemy - Salute to 10000001 stars
Defekt - Pete's Game Machine
Demian Richardson - The Gowanus Recordings
Denis Beuret - Alone
Denman Maroney - Gaga
Denman Maroney Quintet - Udentity
Dennis Gonzalez - No Photograph Available
Dennis Gonzalez - Geografiá
Dennis Gonzales - Dance Of The Soothsayer's Tongue
Dennis Gonzalez Jnaana Septet - The Gift Of Discernment
Dennis González & Faruk Z. Bey - Hymn For Tomasz Stanko
Dennis González & João Paulo - Duo
Dennis González - Renegade Spirits

Denniz González - The Great Bydgoszcz Concert
Denniz González - Songs Of Early Autumn
Denniz González - A Matter of Blood

Dennis González Band Of Sorcerers - Live In Washington D.C.
Devin Hoff - Solo Bass
Dhafer Youssef & Wolfgang Muthspiel - Glow
Diablo En Musica - Improvisations
Didier Lasserre Trio - Live At L'Atelier Tampon
Die Enttäuschung 
Die Enttäuschung - 5
Digital Primitives - Hum, Crackle & Pop
Don Cherry - Live At The Montmartre, Vol. 3
Dom Minasi Quintet - The Bird, the Girl and the Donkey
Donat Fisch & Christian Wolfarth - Circle & Line 2
Donny McCaslin - Perpetual Motion 
Double Duo - Crossword Puzzle
Dragons 1976
Duology - Golden Atoms
Dupont T - Spider's Dance
EA Silence - Cono Di OMbra E Luce
EA Silence - Flatime
EAR&NOW - Eclipse
Eddie Prévost & Alan Wilkerson - So Are We, So Are We
Eddy Prévost - Invenio Ergo/Sum
Either/Orchestra - Live In Addis
Eivind Aarset - Sonic Codex 

Eivind Aarset & The Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts
Eivind Opsvik - Overseas III

Elderflower - Deep Drink
Elephant9 - Dodovoodoo
Elephant9 - Walk The Nile
Ellery Eskelin - Quiet Music
Ellery Eskelin & Sylvie Courvoisier - Every So Often
Ellery Eskelin, with Andrea Parkins & Jim Black - One Great Night ... Live

Ellery Eskelin & Gerry Hemingway - Inbetween Spaces 
Elliott Sharp's Terraplane - Forgery
Elliott Sharp - Octal, Book One

Elliott Sharp - Octal Book Two
Elton Dean & The Wrong Object - The Unbelievable Truth
Embers - Slag-Welter
Emergency! - Live in Copenhagen
Empty Cage Quartet - Hello The Damage
Empty Cage Quartet - Stratostrophic

Empty Cage Quartet - Gravity
Empty Cage Quartet & Soletti/Besnard - Take Care Of Floating
Ensemble 56 - 1st Meeting Towards Sky Flight Of Dragon
Enterout Trio - Pink Ivory
Eri Yamamoto - In Each Day, Something Good
Erik Friedlander - Block Ice & Propane
Erik Friedlander - Volac, Book Of Angels, Vol. 8

Erik Friedlander - 50 Miniatures For Improvising Quintet
Erik Friedlander - Alchemy
Erik Friedlander - Aching Sarah
Erik Friedlander - Broken Arm Trio
Erik Truffaz - Benares
Erika Dagnino & Stefano Pastor - Cycles
Ernest Dawkins - Mean Ameen
Ernie Krivda - The Art Of The Trio
Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky & Michael Griener - The Salmon
Ernst Reijseger - Tell Me Everything
Esa Pietilä - Tales of Fulica Atra
Espen Eriksen Trio: You Had Me At Goodbye
Ethan Winogrand - Tangled Tango
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Hot'n'Heavy
Etienne De La Sayette - Treize Duos En Forme De Banane
Evan Parker & Matthew Shipp - Abbey Road Duos
Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg - Live At Roulette
Evan Parker's Transatlantic Ensemble - Boustrophedon

Evan Parker & Sten Sandell - Psalms 
Evgeny Masloboev & Anastasia Masloboeva - Russian Folksongs In The Key Of Sadness
Exploding Customer - At Your Service
Exploding Star Orchestra - We Are All From Somewhere Else

Exploding Star Orchestra - Stars Have Shapes
Eyal Maoz & Asaf Sirkis - Elementary Dialogues
Eyal Maoz's Edom - Hope And Destruction 
Eye Contact - Embracing The Tide/Making Eye Contact With God
Fantastic Merlins - Look Around

Fantastic Merlins - A Handful Of Earth
Faruq Z. Bey With Northwoods Improvisers - Emerging Field
Fat Kid Wednesdays - The Art Of Cherry
Fattigfolket - Fattigfolket
Federico Ughi, Gene Janas, Daniel Carter - People's Resonance
Ferenc Snetberger & Markus Stockhausen - Streams
Feuermusik - No Contest
Fieldwork - Door
Fight The Big Bull - Dying Will Be Easy
Fight The Big Bull - All Is Gladness In The Kingdom 
Fire! - You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago 
Fire Room - Broken Music
First Meeting - Cut The Rope
Five Spot - Poltva
FMP - Im Rückblick / In Retrospekt
Fond Of Tigers - Release The Saviours
Food - Refreshingly Addictive

Food - Quiet Inlet
Forgiving July - Live At Novara Jazz Festival
Foton Quartet - Zomo Hall 
Frame Quartet - 35mm
Francesco Bearzatti - Suite For Tina Modotti
Francis Wong Trio - Early Abstractions

François Carrier - Happening
François Carrier & Michel Lambert - Kathmandu
François Carrier - Within
François Carrier - The Digital Box
François Carrier & Michel Lambert - Nada
François Corneloup - U.L.M.
François Corneloup - Next

Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake
Frank Gratkowski & Jacob Anderskov - Ardent Grass 
Frank Kimbrough - Rumors
Franz Hautzinger's Regenorchester XII - Town Down
Franz Hautzinger - Neublacher Blech

Franz Koglmann - Lo-Lee-Ta
Fred Anderson & Harrison Bankhead - The Great Vision Concert
Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake - From The River To The Ocean
Fred Anderson - Timeless

Fred Anderson - Staying In The Game

Fred Anderson Quartet - Live At The Velvet Lounge, Vol. 3
Fred Anderson - 21st Century Chase
Fred Anderson Trio - A Night At The Velvet Lounge/Live In Chicago 2007
Fred Hess - In The Grotto
Fred Lonberg-Holm - Terminal Valentines
Free Fall - The Point In A Line
Free Form Funky Freqs - Urban Mythology

Free Jazz Quartet - Memories For The Future
Free Unfold Trio

Free Unfold Trio - Ballades
Frode Gjerstad - Mothers & Fathers
Frode Gjerstad - Sound Sight
Frode Gjerstad, Kevin Norton, Paul Rogers - Antioch
Frode Gjerstad - On Reade Street
Frode Gjerstad, Nick Stephens, Louis Moholo-Moholo - Quiddity
Frode Gjerstad, John Edwards & Mark Sanders - Bergen
Frode Gjerstad & Paal Nilssen-Love - Gromka
Frode Gjerstad, Skaset, Grenager, Tafjord, Mølstad, Moe - Sekstett
Frode Hatli - Passing Images
Fully Celebrated - Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones
Gail Brand & Mark Sanders - Instinct & The Body
Garrison Fewell - Variable Density Sound Orchestra
Gato Barbieri - In Search Of The Mystery
Gato Libre - Nomad
Gato Libre - Kuro

Gato Libre - Shiro
George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Quintet - Hotel Dilettante
George Schuller - Like Before, Somewhat After
Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn - Farmers By Nature
Geri Allen - Flying Toward The Sound
Giancarlo Locatelli & Alberto Braida - The Big Margotta  
Giacinto Scelsi - The Works For Double Bass
Gianni Gebbia, Eiko Ishibashi & Daniele Camarda - Maboroshi 
Gianni Lenoci & Gianni Mimmo - Reciprocal Uncles
Gianni Mimmo - A Watched Pot (Never Boils)
Giovanni Barcella / Van Herzeele Duo - Monday Sessions Live at El Negocito
Giovanni Di Domenico - Terra Che Cammina
Giovanni Di Domenico, Arve Henriksen, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - Clinamen
Giovanni Guidi - Indian Summer 
Giovanni Maier - The Talking Bass 
Gordon Grdina - East Van Strings - The Breathing Of Statues
Gordon Grdina Trio - If Accidents Will

Graveyards - Screwed & Chopped 
Grey Ghost - Broad Oration
Grid Mesh - Coordinates
Guido Mazzon - As The Crow Flies
Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle - Morpho
Günter "Baby" Sommer - Live In Jeruzalem
Günter Christmann- Gustafsson-Lovens - TR!O
Gwincinski-Richter-Skolik - Jupiter Urizen Wernyhora Trungpa
György Szabados & Miklós Mákó - A Szépzég Szive
Hafez Modirzadeh - Bemsha Allegria

Hairy Bones - Live At Fresnes 
Hamid Drake & Albert Beger & William Parker - Evolving Silence, Vol. 2
Hamid Drake/Anders Gahnold/William Parker - The Last Dances
Hamid Drake & Bindu - Blissful

Hamid Drake's Bintu - Reggaelogy
Han Bennink Trio - Parken
Han Bennink & Frode Gjerstad - Han & Frode
Hank Roberts - Green
Happy Apple - Back On Top
Happy House - Inoxydable
Harris Eisenstadt - Guewel
Harris Eisenstadt - Canada Day

Harris Eisenstadt - Woodblock Prints
Heath Watts & Dan Pell - Breathe If You Can
Heinz Becker/Louis Sclavis/John Lindberg - Transition
Helena Espvall - Nimis & Arx
Hélène Labarrière - Les Temps Changent
Henning Sieverts - Symmetry
Henry Grimes & Rashied Ali - Going To The Ritual
Henry Grimes & Rashied Ali - Spirits Aloft 
Henry Kaiser - Invite The Spirit
Henri Texier - Alerte A L'Eau
Henri Texier - Remparts D'Argile
Henri Texier's Red Route Quartet - Love Songs Reflexions
Herb Robertson - Real Aberration
Herb Robertson & Mark Solborg - (NOD)
Hilmar Jensson's Tyft - Meg Nem Sa
Hiram Bullock - Plays Jimi Hendrix
His Name Is Alive - Sweet Earth Flower
Horace Tapscott - The Dark Tree
Howard Riley - Solo In Vilnius
Hugo Antunes - Roll Call
Human Arts Ensemble - Autonomous Oblast
Humanization Quartet - Electricity
Hyperactive Kid - 3
Hyperactive Kid - Mit Dir Sind Wir 4
Ibrahim Maalouf - Diasporas
Ideal Bread - The Ideal Bread

Ideal Bread - Vol. 2 Transmit
I Heart Lung - Between Them A Forest Grew, Trackless And Quiet
I Heart Lung - Interoceans
Ilia Belorukov - Dots & Lines
Ilmillieki - Take It With Me
Ingar Zach - M.O.S. 
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - The Year Of The Boar

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Håkon Kornstad - Elise

Ingrid Laubrock - Sleepthief
Ingrid Laubrock - Anti-House
Inhabitants - A Vacant Lot
Ino Imai Axel Nori / rostbestandige zeit
Inside Out In The Open
Irene Schweizer/Fred Anderson/Hamid Drake - Live Willisau & Taktloss
Irene Schweizer Trio & Dewan Motihar Trio - Jazz Meets India 
Iron Kim Style
Isglem - Fire
Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith - Abbey Road Quartet 
Ivo Perelman & Dominic Duval - Nowhere To Hide
Ivo Perelman - Mind Games
Ivo Perelman, Daniel Levin & Torbjörn Zetterberg - Soulstorm
Ivo Perelman & Gerry Hemingway - The Apple In The Dark
Ivo Perelman & Brian Willson - The Stream Of Life
Jacek Kochan - One-Eyed Horse
Jachna Buhl - Pan Jabu
Jacob Sacks/Eivind Opsvik/Mat Maneri/Paul Motian - Two Miles A Day
Jacob William Quartet - Secondary Deviations
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Coltrane Configurations
James Carney Group - Ways & Means
James Falzone & Allos Musica
James Falzone - The Sign And The Thing Signified
Jan Roder - Double Bass
Jane Ira Bloom - Mental Weather
Jaruzelski's Dream - Jazz Gawronski 
Jason Ajemian & Daydream Full Lifestyles - Protest Heaven
Jason Kao Hwang - Edge
Jason Kao Hwang - Stories Before Within
Jason Lindner - Ab Aeterno

Jason Robinson - The Two Faces of Janus
Jason Roebke - Solo
Jason Roebke - In The Interval
Jason Stein - A Calculus Of Loss
Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore - Three Less Than Between
Jason Stein - In Exchange For A Process
Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isidore – Three Kinds Of Happiness 
JD Allen - Shine
JD Parran - Window Spirits 
Jean-Luc Cappozzo - Joy Spirit
Jean-Luc Cappozzo & Edward Perraud - Suspension
Jean-Luc Guionnet - Le Bruit Du Toit
Jean-Marc Foltz & Bruno Chevillon - Cette Opacité
Jean-Marc Foltz - Soffio Di Scelsi

Jean-Marc Foltz, Matt Turner & Bill Carrothers - To The Moon 
Jean-Marc Foussat & Sylvain Guérineau - Aliquid
Jeff Davis - We Sleep Outside
Jeff Platz Quartet - Panoramic
Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - The Williamsburg Sessions
Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - The Digital Box
Jemeel Moondoc & Muntu
Jerry Gonzalez - Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco
Jerry Granelli - Sonic Temple
Jerry Granelli V16 - Vancouver '08
Jesse Stacken & Kirk Knuffke - Mockingbird
Jesse Stacken - Magnolia
Jim Hegarty - Cut It/Out
Jim Hobbs, Joe Morris, Luther Gray - The Story Of Mankind
Jim Lewis, Andrew Downing, Jean Martin - On A Short Path From Memory To Forgotten
Jim McAuley - The Ultimate Frog
Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval - Monk Dreams
Jimmy Weinstein - This Ocean
Jim O'Rourke, Akira Sakata, Yoshimio - Hagyou

Jin Hi-Kim & Gerry Hemingway - Pulses
Joachim Gies & Sound/body/cells - Shimmering
Joachim Kuhn - Kalimba
Joan Jeanrenaud - Strange Toys
Joe Hertenstein, Pascal Niggenkemper, Thomas Heberer - HNH
Joe McPhee, Dominique Duval, Matthew Shipp - In Finland
Joe McPhee, Brötzmann, Kessler, Zerang - Guts
Joe McPhee's Survival Unit III - Don't Postpone Joy
Joe McPhee/Mikolaj Trzaska/Jay Rosen - Intimate Conversations
Joe McPhee & Dominic Duval - The Open Door
Joe McPhee & John Heward - Voices: 10 Improvisations
Joe McPhee & Paal Nilssen-Love - Tomorrow Came Today
Joe McPhee - Angels, Devils & Haints
Joe McPhee, Peter Brötzmann, Ken Kessler, Michael Zerang - The Damage Is Done
Joe McPhee, Mikołaj Trzaska, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen - Magic
Joe McPhee & Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten - Blue Chicago Blues
Joe Morris - Rebus
Joe Morris Bass Quartet - High Definition

Joe Morris - Wildlife
Joe Morris, Jon Voigt, Tom Plsek - The Graphic Scores of Lowell Skinner Davidson
Joe Morris, Simon Fell, Alex Ward - The Necessary And The Possible
Joe Morris - Today On Earth
Joe Morris - Colorfield

Joe Morris & Nate Wooley - Tooth And Nail 
Joe Morris - Sensor
Joe Morris & Luther Gray - Creatures  
Joe Rosenberg Quartet - Quicksand
Joel Grip, Niklas Barnö, Didier Lasserre - Snus
Joëlle Léandre & Akosh S. - Kor
Joëlle Léandre - Live In Israel
Joëlle Léandre & Quentin Sirjacq - Out Of Nowhere

Joëlle Léandre & William Parker - Live at Dunois
Joëlle Léandre & George Lewis - Transatlantic Visions
Joëlle Léandre & Jean-Luc Cappozzo - Live Aux Instants Chavires
Joëlle Léandre, Maguelone Vidal & Raymond Boni - Trace
Joëlle Léandre - A Voix Basse
Joëlle Léandre Tentet - Can You Hear Me? & Trio 
Johannes Enders - Dome
John Appleton &  Don Cherry - Human Music

John Blum - In The Shade Of The Sun
John Butcher & Gerry Hemingway - Buffalo Pearl 
John Butcher & Claudia Ulla Binder - Under The Roof
John Coxon & Wadada Leo Smith - Brooklyn Duos
John Edwards - Volume
John Hébert - Byzantine Monkey
John Hébert Trio - Spiritual Lovers 
John Hollenbeck - Rainbow Jimmies
John Lindberg - Ruminations Upon Ives And Gotschalk
John Lindberg Ensemble - The Catbird Sings
John Surman - The Spaces In Between
John Surman & Jack DeJohnette - Invisible Nature
John Tchicai - Witch's Scream
John Zorn - Filmworks XIX - The Rain Horse
John Zorn - Sholem Aleichem, Filmworks XX
John Zorn - Femina
John Zorn - The Dreamers
John Zorn - Filmworks XXIII - El General
John Zorn - O'o
John Zorn : In Search Of The Miraculous
John Zorn - Chimeras
John Zorn : The Goddess—Music for the Ancient of Days
John Zorn : Dictée/Liber Novus
John Zorn/Fred Frith Duo : Late Works
Jon Balke - Siwa
Jon Irabagon & Mike Pride - I Hear Nothin' But The Blues
Jon Irabagon - Foxy
Jones Jones - We All Feel The Same Way
Josh Berman - Old Idea
Joshua Redman - Back East
Julian F. Thayer - The Door Is Open
Julius Hemphill - Dogon A.D.
Junk Box - Sunny Then Cloudy

Kablys - Live At 11:20
Kahil El'Zabar - The Ritual
Kahil El'Zabar - Big M
Kahil El'Zabar - Transmigration
Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio - Ooh Live

Kahil El'Zabar/Lester Bowie/Malachi Favors - Saalfelden 1987

Kalaparush McIntyre Quartet - Extremes
Kamil Szuszkiewicz & Hubert Zemler - Detrytus 

Karl Hector - Sahara Swing
Katherine Young - Further Secret Origins 
Katja Krusche & Martin Krusche - I Am One
Katya Sourikova - Angels & Satellites
Keefe Jackson's Project Project - Just Like This
Keith Jarrett - The Survivors Suite

Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Jasmine 
Kelly Rossum & Phill Hey - Conflict!
Ken Aldcroft

Ken Filiano - Dreams From A Clown Car
Ken Vandermark - three reviews
Ken Vandermark, Max Nagl, Clayton Thomas, Wolfgang Reisinger - C.O.D.E
Ken Vandermark & Pandelis Karayorgis - Foreground Music
Ken Vandermark - Collected Fiction
Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love - Milwaukee Volume
Ken Vandermark - Resonance
Ken Vandermark - Fox Fire 
Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love - Chicago Volume
Ken Vandermark & DKV Trio - Trigonometry
Ketil Björnstad & Terje Rypdal - Live In Leipzig
Kevin Frenette Four - Connections
Kidd Jordan - Palm Of Soul

Kihnoua - Unauthorized Caprices
KiKu Trio - Méthane (Veto Records, 2009)
Kirk Knuffke Quartet - BigWig
Kirk Knuffke, Federico Ughi, Chris Welcome - Garden Of Gifts
Kirk Knuffke - Amnesia Brown
Kirk Knuffke, Kenny Wollesen, Lisle Ellis - “Chew Your Food”
Kolkhöse Printanium - Vol. 1 Kolkhönitza
Kris Davis - Rye Eclipse
Kris Davis, Ingrid Laubrock, Tyshawn Sorey - Paradoxical Frog
Lapin/Poore/Schubert/Turner/Bledsoe - Seek it Not with Your Eyes
Larry Ochs - Up From Under
Larry Ochs/Jeanrenaud/Masaoko - Fly, Fly, Fly
Larry Ochs - The Mirror World
Larry Ochs, Miya Masoaka, Peggy Lee - Spiller Alley
Larry Ochs & Drumming Core - Stone Shift  

Last Seen Headed - Live At Sons D'Hiver
Lawnmower - West 
Lean Left - The Ex Guitars meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo, Volume 1
Lennart Ǻberg & Peter Erskine - Free Spirit - A Tribute To Don Cherry
Les Amants De Juliette
Les Amants De Juliette & Majid Bekkas 
Les Fées Du Rhin - Passages
Les Yeux De La Tête - Nerf
Li Tie Qiao - Wind Of Lunacy 
Limousine - Limousine 
Lisa Mezzacappa's Bait & Switch - What Is Known
Lisa Ullén & Nina de Heney - Carve
Lisle Ellis - Sucker Punch Requiem
Little Symphony No 3 - First Thing Tomorrow Morning
Little Women - Throat
Liudas Mockūnas & Ryoji Hojito - Vacation MusicLol Coxhill & Andrea Centazzo - Darkly Again
Lol Coxhill & Andrea Centazzo - Moot & Lid

Lol Coxhill & Enzo Rocco - Fine Tuning, The Gradisca Concert 
Lol Coxhill & Roger Turner - Success With Your Dog
Loren Stillman - Trio Alto, Vol. 1
Loren Stillman - Trio Alto, Vol. 2

Lorenzo Sanguedolce & Michael Bisio - Live At The Yippie
Los Dorados - Incendio
Lotte Anker, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori - Alien Huddle
Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver - Live At The Loft
Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver - Floating Islands
Louie Belogenis/Downs/Morris - The Flow
Louis Guarino Jr - Images Of Movements Thru Time And Space
Louis Moholo-Moholo & Marilyn Crispell - Sibanye (We Are One)
Louis Sclavis - L'Imparfait Des Langues
Louis Sclavis - Lost On The Way
Louis Sclavis, Craig Taborn, Tom Rainey - Eldorado Trio 
Lucas Niggli & Peter Conradin Zumthor - Profos
Lucien Dubuis - Tovorak
Lucien Dubuis - Le Retour

Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot - Ultime Cosmos
Luis Lopes - Humanization 4tet
Luis Lopes, Adam Lane & Igal Foni - What Is When
Mâäk's Spirit - 5
Maciej Obara Special Quartet - Four
Maciej Obara - I Can Do It 
Maciej Obara, Lindberg, Sorgen - Three
Magda Mayas - Heartland
Magnus Broo & Paal Nilssen-Love - Game
Magnus Broo Quartet - Painbody

Magnus Broo - Swedish Wood
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness And Eternity
Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6 - The Pond
Marc Boutillot Trio - Et Alors?
Marc Ducret & Benoît Delbecq - Bleu Sur Scène
Marc Ducret - Le Sens De La Marche
Marcel Khalife - Taqsim
Marc Hannaford - Polar 
Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś - Duo
Marcin Oles/Adam Pieronczyk/Brat Oles - Gray Days
Marcin Oles/Mikolaj Trzaska/Brat Oles/Jean-Luc Cappozzo - Suite For Trio +

Marcin Oleś & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś - Other Voices Other Scenes
Marc Ribot - Asmodeus
Marc Ribot - Exercises In Futility

Marc Ribot - Silent Movies
Marcus Printup - Bird Of Paradise
Maria Kannegaard - Maryland
Marilyn Crispell - Collaborations 2004 and 2007

Marilyn Crispell & David Rothenberg - One Dark Night I Left My Silent House
Marilyn Lerner, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi - Arms Spread Wide
Marilyn Mazur & Jan Garbarek - Elixir
Mario Pavone - Ancestors
Mario Pavone - Arc Suite T/Pi T/Po
Mark Charig with Keith Tippett and Ann Winter - Pipedream
Mark Dresser, Ed Harkins, Stephen Schick - House Of Mirrors
Mark Dresser & Denman Maroney - Live In Concert 
Mark Dresser - Guts
Mark Harvey Group
Mark Helias - Atomic Clock
Mark Helias' Open Loose - Strange Unison
Mark O'Leary - Waiting
Mark O'Leary - On The Shore
Mark O'Leary - Awakening
Mark O'Leary & Han Bennink - Television
Mark O'Leary & Terje Isungset - Shamanic Voices
Mark O'Leary, Jamie Saft, Kenny Wollesen - The Synth Show
Mark O'Leary/Wayne Horvitz/Dylan Van der Schyff - Flux
Mark O'Leary - Zemlya
Mark O'Leary & Günther Müller - Skyshifter
Mark O'Leary - Ellipses
Mark O'Leary - St. Fin Barre's

Mark O'Leary & Sunny Murray - Ode To Albert Ayler
Mark O'Leary - Live In Helsinki
Mark O'Leary, Passborg, Riis - Grønland
Mark O'Leary, Senol Küçükyildirim, Murat Çopur, Ömer Can Uygan - Live In Istanbul  
Mark O'Leary - Snow
Markku Ounaskari, Samuli Mikkonen, Per Jørgensen - Kuara
Markus Stockhausen/Comiso/Thomé - Es War Einmal
Markus Stockhausen - Electric Treasures
Marshall Allen, Matthew Shipp & Joe Morris - Night Logic
Martin Küchen/Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues/Carlos Santos - Vinter
Martin Küchen, Rowe, Wright - At29
Martin Küchen - Homo Sacer
Martin Küchen - The Lie & The Orphanage
Martin Speicher - Shapes & Shadows
Marty Ehrlich & Myra Melford - Spark
Marty Ehrlich Rites Quartet - Things Have Got To Change

Marty Ehrlich - FablesMary Halvorson, Reuben Radding, Nate Wooley - Crackleknob
Masada - Stolas - Book Of Angels, Vol. 12
Masada String Trio : Haborym : The Book Of Angels Vol. 16
Massimo Magee, Amos Manne, Lee Noyes - Sax, Bass, Drums 
Matana Roberts - The Calling
Matana Roberts - The Chicago Project
Mat Maneri & Denman Maroney - Distich
Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love - Splatter
Mats Gustafsson - The Vilnius Explosion
Mats Gustafsson - The Vilnius Implosion  
Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten & Pal Nilssen-Love - The Thing
Mats Gustafsson & Hamid Drake - Ode To Don Cherry
Mats Gustafsson – Needs!
Matt Bauder - Days In Pictures
Matt Bauder - Paper Gardens
Matthew Shipp - Piano Vortex
Matthew Shipp - Right Hemisphere
Matthew Shipp & Guillermo E. Brown - Telephone Popcorn
Matthew Shipp Quartet - Cosmic Suite
Matthew Shipp & Mark O'Leary - Labyrinth
Matthew Shipp - Harmonic Disorder
Matthew Shipp - Nu Bop Live
Matthew Shipp - 4D  
Matthew Shipp - Creation Out Of Nothing
Matthias Eick - The Door
Matt Lavelle Trio - Spiritual Power
Matt Lavelle & Barry Chabala - I Like To Play
Mauger - The Beautiful Enabler
Max Nagl/Bernstein/Akchoté/Jones - Big Four Live
Max Nagl - Wumm Zack, Vol. 2

Max Nagl Trio - Boulazac
Maya Homburger - Plays J.S.Bach and Barry Guy
McCoy Tyner - Guitars
Médéric Collignon & Jus De Bocse - Shangri-Tunkashi-La
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Zaebos
Medeski, Martin and Wood - The Stone: Issue Four 
Mêlée + Joe Morris - Cloud Atlas Quartet
Memorize The Sky - In Former Times
Memorize The Sky - Creeks
Michael Adkins Quartet - Rotator
Michael Attias - Renku In Coimbra
Michael Attias - Twines Of ColesionMichael Bates - A Fine Balance
Michael Bates Outside Sources - Clockwise
Michael Bates - Live In New York
Michael Bisio - Circle This
Michael Bisio Quartet - Live At The Vision Festival XII
Michael Bisio, George Muscatello, Dean Sharp - Collar City Createology
Michael Bisio Quartet - AM  
Michael Bisio - Travel Music
Michael Blake - Amor De Cosmos
Michael Blake & Kresten Osgood - Control This
Michael Dessen Trio - Between Shadown And Space
Michael Marcus - The Magic Door

Michael Marcus - Lotus Symphony
Michael Moore - Holocene
Michel Lambert & Makalam Bob Moses - Meditations On Grace
Mickey Finn with Cuong Vu - Gagarin! 
Mike Nord & Georg Hoffmann - The Flow, Music For Improvised Dance
Mike Pride - Scrambler
Mike Pride’s From Bacteria To Boys – Betweenwhile
Mike Reed's Loose Assembly - The Speed Of Change
Mikolaj Trzaska - Kantry
Mikołaj Trzaska, Clementine Gasser & Michael Zerang - Nadir & Mahora
Mikołaj Trzaska - Dom Zły/The Dark House
Mikrokolektyw - Revisit 
Miles From India - A Celebration Of The Music Of Miles Davis
Minamo - Kuroi Kawa/Black River
Miroslav Vitous Group - Remembering Weather Report
Misha Alperin - Her First Dance
Modo Trio with Wayne Horvitz - Dog Leg 
Mokuto - Dressed Like A Horse
Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Shamokin!!!
Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Forty Fort
Mulate Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Inspiration Information
Mural - Nectars Of Emergence
Musiconspiracy - Do I The In?
Myra Melford - The Image Of Your Body
Myra Melford's Be Bread - The Whole Tree Gone
Myriam Alter - If
Myriam Alter - Where Is There
Mysterium - An Electric Soundpainting Septet

Nassim Maalouf - Improvisations Orientales
Nate Wooley, Jason Roebke, Fred Lonberg-Holm - Thrown Down Your Hammer 
Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton - Creak Above 33
Nathalie Loriers - L'Arbre Pleure
Nathan Hanson & Brian Roessler - Bellfounding
Natsuki Tamura & Satoko Fujii - Chun
Ned Rothenberg - Inner Diaspora
Ned Rothenberg - Sync

Ned Rothenberg - Quintet For Clarinet & Strings
Ned Rothenberg - Ryu Nashi/No School - New Music For Shakuhachi
Ned Rothenberg and Vladimir Volkov - Live in Dom - Duo Music for Nicolai Dmitriev
Nels Cline/Andrea Parker/Tom Rainey - Downpour
Nels Cline - Coward
Nels Cline - Dirty Baby 
New Fracture Quartet - 1,000 Lights
N.E.W. - Newtoons
New York Jazz Collective - I Don't Know This World Without Don Cherry
Nick Howell & Collin Thomas - Floor Fifty
Nicola Cipani - The Ill-Tempered Piano
Niko Meinhold & Noel Taylor - Border Patrol
Nils Petter Molvaer - Re-Vision
Nils Petter Molvaer - Hamada
Ninni Morgia & Control Unit
Noah Rosen, Yves Robert, Didier Levallet - Silhouette

Nobu Stowe Lee Pembleton Project - Hommage An Klaus Kinski
Nobu Stowe - An Die Musik
Nobu Stowe - Confusion Bleue
Nobuyasu Furuya Trio - Bendowa
Nobuyasu Furuya - Stunde Null 
Noël Akchoté - So Lucky
No More Shapes - Creesus Crisis
Norman Howard - Burn Baby Burn
NovoTono - Wanderung
Nuts - L'Atelier Tampon Ramier September 2007
Nuts - Symphony For Old And New Dimensions
OirTrio - Kanata
Olaf Rupp, Marino Pliakas & Michael Wertmüller - Toomuchisnotenough
Old Dog - By Any Other Name
Oliver Lake, Paul Smoker, Scott R. Looney, Lisle Ellis - Urban Ruminations
Oluyemi Thomas - Nigeria 
Oluyemi Thomas, Sirone, Michael Wimberley - Beneath Tones Floor 
Original Silence - The Original Silence 

Ornette Coleman
Ornette Coleman - Beligum 1969
Ornette Coleman - Live In Paris 1971
Ornette Coleman Quartet - Reunion 1990 
Other Dimensions In Music - Now
Other Dimensions In Music - Live At The Sunset

Otomo Yohishide - Lonely Woman 
Paulo Chagas and Bruno Duplant - Complicity
Paolo Fresu/Richard Galliano/Jan Lundgren - Mare Nostrum
Papajo - Simple Game
Pascal Maupeu - Folk Standard
Paul Brody - For The Moment
Paul Dunmall - Deep See
Paul Dunmall - All Said And Dun
Paul Dunmall - Zoochosis
Paul Dunmall's Sun Quartet - Ancient And Future Airs
Paul Dunmall & Tony Bianco - Spirits Past & Future
Paul Dunmall, Barry Edwards, Mark Sanders - Mind Out

Paul Dunmall & Chris Corsano - Identical Sunsets
Paul Dunmall & Miles Levin - Miles Above
Paul Dunmall & Paul Rogers - Repercussions
Paul Dunmall - Moment To Moment  
Paul Dunmall, Tony Bianco & Dave Kane
Paul Motian Trio + 2 - Live At The Village Vanguard
Paul Rogers - Being

Paul Rutherford - Tetralogy 
Paul Smoker - Genuine Fables
Paulo Curado - The Bird, The Breeze And Mr. Filiano
Paura - The Construction Of Fear
Per Jørgensen & Terje Isungset - Agbalagba Daada
Pete Robbins’ “siLENT Z Live” 
Peter Brötzmann & Peeter Uuskyla - Born Broke
Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen-Love/Mats Gustafsson - Fat Is Gone

Peter Brötzmann, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller - Full Blast/Black Hole
Peter Brötzmann, Peeter Uuskyla, Peter Friis Nielsen - Noise Of Wings

Peter Brötzmann - Lost & Found
Peter Brötzmann - A Night In Sana'a
Peter Brötzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love - Woodcuts
Peter Brötzmann, Mikołaj Trzaska & Johannes Bauer - Goosetalk 
Peter Brötzmann, Massimo Pupillo, Paal Nilssen-Love - Roma
Peter Brötzmann's Chicago Tentet +1 - 3 Nights In Oslo
Peter Epstein & Idée Fixe - Abstract Realism
Peter Evans Quartet - !
Peter Evans - Nature/Culture

Peter Evans Quartet - Live In Lisbon
Peter Evans - Ich fühle Luft von anderem Planeten
Peter Janson- Live At The Glenn Miller Café
Peter Kenagy - Space Western
Peter Kowald - Off The Road
Peter Kowald & Vinny Golia - Mythology
Peter Van Huffel Quartet - Like The Rusted Key
Petr Cancura, Joe Morris, Jason Nazary - Fine Objects
Phantom Orchard - Orra
PHAT - La Grande Peste
Phil Gibbs/Roy Campbell/Paul Dunmall/Daniel Carter/Paul Rogers/William Parker/Hamid Drake - Blown Away
Phil Hargreaves, Lee Noyes & Bruno Duplant - Malachi

Philip Gibbs, Paul Dunmall, Tony Hymas, Paul Rogers, Neil Metcalfe, Tony Levin - Mumuksuta 
Philip Glass - Songs And Poems
Plaistow - Jack Bambi 
Platz Quintet - Live At Internationales Jazz Festival Münster 2007
Plunge - Refreshingly Addictive
Point 4 - Panopticon
Poolplayers - Way Below The Surface
(((Powerhouse Sound))) Oslo/Chicago : (((Breaks)))

Powerhouse Sound - Overlap
Profound Sound Trio - Opus De Life
Psalm Alarm - Like Machine, Like Voice
Quartet Offensive - Carnivore
Rabih Abou-Khalil - Songs For Sad Women
Rafal Mazur & Keir Neuringer - Improwizje 
Rahim Alhaj - Little Earth
Rafael Toral - Space Elements Vol. II
Rakalam Bob Moses - Father's Day B'hash
Ralph Towner & Paolo Fresu - Chiaroscuro
Ramon Prats & Albert Cirera - Duot
Raoul Björkenheim - The Sky Is Ruby
Raoul Björkenheim, William Parker, Hamid Drake - DMG@TheStone Vol. 2
Raphael Rogiński - Bach Bleach 
Rashied Ali Quintet - Live In Europe
Ravi Padmanabha & Daniel Carter - Nivesana
Ravish Momin's Trio Tirana - Miren
Rawfishboys - WaR

Rawfishboys - Pianoworks/Pianoworksn't
Ray Anderson-Marty Ehrlich Quartet - Hear You Say - Live In Willisau
Raymond MacDonald & Günter Sommer - Delphinius & Lyra
Raymond MacDonald - Cities
Red Rocket - Mitten
Red Sphere - H-Alpha
Régis Huby - Simple Sound
Remi Álvarez & Mark Dresser - Soul to Soul
Resonance Ensemble - 10 CD Box
Return Of The New Thing - Alchemia
Return To Forever - The Anthology
RIDD Quartet - Fiction Avalanche
Rob Brown - Radiant Pools
Rob Brown Trio - Sounds
Rob Brown Ensemble - Crown Trunk Root Funk

Rob Brown Trio - Live At The Firehouse
Rob Brown & Oleś Brothers - Live At SJC
Rob Mazurek - Abstractions On Robert d'Arbrisel
Rob Mazurek - Sound Is
Rob Reddy - A Hundred Juming Devils
Rob Reddy - The Book Of The Storm
Rob Wagner Trio
Robert Burger - City Of Strangers
Robert Landfermann - Null 
Robin Verheyen - Painting Space
Rockingchair - Rockingchair
Rodrigo Amado - Teatro
Rodrigo Amado - Surface
Rodrigo Amado - The Abstract Truth
Rodrigo Amado, Miguel Mira & Gabriel Ferrandini - Motion Trio
Rodrigo Amado - Searching For Adam 
Rohrer, Mazurek, Takara, Barella - Projections Of A Seven Foot Ghost
Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernani Faustino & Gabriel Ferrandini - Red Trio
Rolf Kühn & Tri-O - Close-Up
Ronnie Lynn Patterson & Didier Lasserre - Suite For Gernika
Roscoe Mitchell - No Side Effects

Rova & Nels Cline Singers - Celestial Septet
Roy Campbell - Communion
Roy Campbell - Akhnaten Suite
Rozanne Levine - Only Moment
Rudresh Mahanthappa - Kinsmen
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition - Apti

Rudresh Mahanthappa & Steve Lehman - Dual Identity
Rufus Cappadocia - Songs For Cello
Russ Lossing & John Hebert - Line Up
Ryan Blotnick - Everything Forgets

Sabir Mateen - Other Places Other Spaces
Sabir Mateen & Daniel Carter - Sound On A Sunday
Sabir Mateen & Frode Gjerstad - Sound Gathering
Sabir Mateen - URDLA XXX
Sainkhò Namtchylak & Dickson Dee - Tea Opera
Sainkho Namchylak / Nick Sudnick - Not Quite Songs
Sam Newsome - Monk Abstractions
Sam Newsome - Blue Soliloquy
Samuel Blaser Quartet - Pieces Of Old Sky

Sangha Trio - Frantically, Frantically Being At Peace
Sao Paulo Underground - The Principle Of Intrusive Relationships
Satoko Fujii - Fujin Rajin
Satoko Fujii & Carla Kihlstedt - Minamo
Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura - In Krakow In November
Satoko Fujii Quartet - Bacchus

Satoko Fujii Trio - Trace A River
Satoko Fujii Ma-Do - Heat Wave
Satoko Fujii & Myra Melford - Under The Water
Satoko Fujii Ma-Do - Desert Ship
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo - Zakopane
Saco Yasuma - Another Rain
Schizo Quartet - Don't Answer It
Schooldays - In Our Time

Scoolptures - Materiale Umano
Scorch Trio - Brolt!
Scott Amendola/Ben Goldberg/Devin Hoff - Plays Monk

Scott Amendola - Lift
Scott Fiels - Bitter Love Songs
Scott Fields - Drawings
Scott Fields Ensemble - Fugu
Scott Fields, Matthias Schubert - Minaret Minuets 
Scott Tinkler - Backwards
Scott Tinkler & Simon Barker - Lost Thoughts
Scraps - L'Enigme Du Sphynx
Sean Conly - Re-Action
Sean Noonan - Stories To Tell
Search - Today Is Tomorrow
Sebastiano Meloni, Adriano Orrù & Tony Oxley - Improvised Music For Trio
Sei Miguel - Esfingico
ShotXShot - Let Nature Square
Silke Eberhard Trio - Being
Simon Jermyn's Trot A Mouse
Simone Massaron - Breaking News
Sing Sing Penelope & Andrzej Przybielski - Stirli People In Jazzga
Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds
Slug Duo - Fully Improvised Sets From Falanster 2009
Slug Duo - Organic Stone
Soft Machine - Drop
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Pimpoint
Sonic Liberation Front - Changeovertime
Sonic Openings Under Pressure - Muhheankuntuk
Sonny Simmons - Tales From The Ancient East

Sonny Simmons And Delphine Latil - Symphony Of The Peacocks
Sonore - Call Before You Dig
Sophia Domancich - Washed Away
Sophia Domancich & Raphaël Marc - Lilienmund  
Sounds Of Liberation - New Horizons
Spaceways Inc. - Version Soul
Splatter - Music For Misanthropes
Splinters - Split The Difference
Spring Heel Jack - Songs And Themes

Stefan Keune, Hans Schneider, Achim Krämer - No Comment
Stéphan Oliva & Jean-Marc Foltz - Pandore
Stéphane Oliva- Lives Of Bernard Hermann
Stéphane Kerecki Trio & Tony Malaby - Houria
Stefano Luigi - Painting On Wood
Stefano Pastor - Chants
Stefano Pastor - Freedom
Sten Sandell Trio - Face Of Tokyo
Stephan Crump & James Carney - Echo Run Pry
Stephan Sieben, Adam Pultz Melbye, Håkon Berre - Angel
Stephen Gauci - Substratum
Stephen Gauci - Nididhyasana
Stephen Gauci Quartet - Absolute, Absolutely
Stephen Gauci - Live At The Glenn Miller Café

Stephen Gauci, Kris Davis, Michael Bisio - Three 
Stephen Haynes & Taylor Ho Bynum - Double Trio

Stephen Haynes - Parrhesia
Stephen Lehman - Manifold
Stephen Lehman - On Meaning
Steuart Liebig - Always Outnumbered
Steve Cohn - Iro, Iro
Steve Harris' ZAUM - I Hope You Never Love Anything As Much As I Love You
Steve Harris - A Is For Ox/Live In Brighton
Steve Hubback & Ad Peijnenburg - Arrows
Steve Lantner Quartet - Given/Live In Münster
Steve Lehman Octet - Travail, Transformation, And Flow
Steve Moore - Stebmo
Steve Raegele - Last Century
Steve Swell - Swimming In A Galaxy Of Goodwill And Sorrow
Steve Tibbetts - Natural Causes
Steven Bernstein, Marcus Rojas, Kresten Osgood - Tattoos and Mushrooms
Superimpose - Talk Talk
Swami LatePlate - Doomjazz
Swedish Azz - Jazz På Svenska
Sylvain Guérineau - Dies Irae
Szilárd Mezei Trio - Bármikor, Most / Anytime, Now
Taro - Flaechten
Tasos Stamou & Ilan Manouach
Tatsuya Nakatani & Forbes Graham - Essences
Taylor Ho Bynum - The Middle Picture
Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara - True Events
Taylor Ho Bynum - Asphalt Flowers, Forking Paths
Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara - Stepwise 
Taylor Ho Bynum, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver - Book Of Three
Ted Daniel Quintet - Tapestry
Terence Blanchard - A Tale Of God's Will
Terje Isungset - Two Moons
Terje Isungset - Ice Concerts
Terje Isungset - Hibernation
Terje Isungset - Winter Songs
Terje Rypdal & Bergen Big Band - Crime Scene
Territory Band with Fred Anderson - Collide
Territory Band - New Horse For The White House
Tetterapadequ - And The Missing R
The Ames Room - In
The Antripodean Collective - Funcalls
The Antripodean Collective - The Massacre Of The Egos

The Antripodean Collective - NTRPDN
The Astronomical Unit - Relativity
The Black Napkins 
The Claudia Quintet - For
The Claudia Quintet - Royal Toast
The Cosmosamatics - Free Within The Law
The Cracow Klezmer Band - Remembrance

The Dorf - Le Record 
The Dreamers : Ipos: The Book Of Angels vol. 14
The Flow Trio - Rejuvenation
The Free Zen Society
The Gift - Live At Sangha

The Godforgottens - Never Forgotten, Always Remembered
The Light - Afekty
The Mahavishnu Project - Return To The Emerald Beyond
The Nels Cline Singers - Draw Breath
The Nu Band - The Dope And The Ghost
The Nu Band - Lower East Side Blues
The Nu Band - Live In Paris
The Peggy Lee Band - New Code
The Persons - Sweet Ears
Theo Jörgensmann, Marcin Oles, Bartlomiej Oles - Alchemia
Theo Jörgensmann, Marcin Oles, Bartlomiej Oles - Live In Poznan
The Bottesini Project - The Bottesini Project
The Fonda Stevens Group - Memphis
The MacroQuarktet - Each Part A Whole
The Naked Future - Gigantomachia

The Other Tet
The Rempis Percussion Quartet - Hunter-Gatherers
The Rempis Percussion Quartet - The Disappointment Of Parsley

The September Quartet - What Goes Round
The Stone Quartet - DMG @ The Stone
The Thing with Ken Vandermark - Immediate Sounds
The Thing - Now And Forever
The Way - Live In Woodstock One
The Way - Live In Woodstock Two
Thing - Thing
Third World Love - New Blues

Thollem Mcdonas & Nicola Guazzaloca - Noble Art
Thollem McDonas - Gone Beyond Reason To Find One
Thomas Chapin - Ride
Thomas Heberer

Thomas Heberer - Five By Five
Tim Barnes, Nate Wooley & Jason Roebke Trio
Tim Berne's Bloodcount - Seconds
Tim Daisy & Ken Vandermark - August Music

Tim Daisy / Ken Vandermark Duo - Light On The Wall
Tim Green, Massimo Magee, John Porter - Of An Evening
Tin/Bag - And Begin Again
Tin Hat Trio - Sad Machinery Of Spring

Tin Hat - Foreign Legion
Tintinabulum - Not The Wind, Not The Flag 

Tiziano Tononi Feat.William Parker And Emanuele Parrini - Vertical Invaders 
Tiziano Tononi - Awake Nu - A Tribute To Don Cherry
Tom Arthurs - Squash Recipe
Tom Arthurs & Richard Fairhurst - Mesmer
Tom Arthurs, Jasper Høiby, Stu Richie - Explications

Tomasz Stanko - Dark Eyes
Tommaso Cappellato - Open
TomChess & The Lovedogs - In The Beautiful Future
Tom Hamilton & Bruce Eisenbeil - Shadow Machine
Tommy Babin's Benzene - Your Body Is Your Prison
Tom Rainey
Tom Rainey Trio - Pool School
Tom Varner - Second Communion
Tongs - Jazz With The Megaphone?
Tony Bevan, Chris Corsano, Dominic Lash - Monster Club
Tony Malaby - Tamarindo
Tony Malaby Cello Trio - Warblepeck
Tony Malaby - Voladores
Tony Malaby's - Tamarindo Live 
Tony Wilson Sextet - The People Look Like Flowers At Last
Torben Snekkestad - Conic Folded
Toshinori Kondo - Silent Melodies
Totem - Solar Forge
Townhouse Orchestra - Belleville
Transit - Quadrologues
Trespass Trio - ... Was There To Illuminate The Night Sky
Trevor Watts & Jamie Harris - Ancestry
Triangulation - Whirligigs
Tribute To Albert Ayler - Live At The Dynamo
Trinity - Breaking The Mold
Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher - Quartet
Trio 3 - Live At The Sunset/Wha's Nine
Trio 3 + Irène Schweizer - Berne Concert
Trio M - Big Picture
Trio Passeurs - Existences
Trio Viriditas - Live At Vision Festival
Trio X - Roulette At Location One
Trio X - Air : Above And Beyond
Trio X - The Train And The River
Trio X - 2006 US Tour
Trio X - Live In Vilnius
Trio X - Live On Tour 2008
Trionacria - The Mystic Revelation
Triptych Myth
Trygve Seim & Frodle Haltli - Yeraz
Trygve Seim & Andreas Utnem - Purcor, Songs for Saxophone and Piano
Tyft - Smell The Difference
Ulrich Drechsler - Humans & Places
Ulrich Drechsler - Daily Mysteries

Ulrich Gumpert & Günter Baby Sommer - Das Donnernde Leben
Undivided - The Passion
Unit - Time Setting
Uri Caine - Plays Mozart

Urs Leimgruber - Chicago Solo 
Uwe Oberg & Evan Parker - Full Bloom
Vandermark 5 - Beat Reader
Vandermark 5 - Annular Gift
Vandermark 5 - The Horse Jumps/The Ship Is Gone 
Various Artists - I Never Met A Guitar
Vector Trio - Nomina
Veronique Dubois / François Carrier - Being With
Vijay Anderson - Hardboiled Wonderland
Vijay Iyer & Rudresh Mahanthappa - Raw Materials
Vijay Iyer - Tragicomic

Vijay Iyer Trio - Historicity
Viktor Tóth - Climbing With Mountains
Viktor Tóth, Hamid Drake, Mátyás Szandai - Bringing Light Towards Me
Vincent Courtois - As Soon As Possible
Vinny Golia - Sfumato
Vinny Golia & Mark Dresser - Live At Lotus
Viviane Houle - Treize
Vladimir Tarasov - Thinking Of Khlebnikov
Vox Arcana - Aerial Age 
Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Andrei Kondakov & Vladimir Volkov - In Search Of A Standard
Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky - Pieces For String Trio And Trumpet
Wacław Zimpel & Tim Daisy - Four Walls
Waclaw Zimpel, Wojtek Traczyk, Robert Rasz - The Light
Wacław Zimpel, Paweł Posteremczak, Ksawery Wójciński, Paweł Szpura - Hera
Wadada Leo Smith & Günter Sommer - Wisdom In Time
Wadada Leo Smith - Compassion
Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - Tabligh
Wadada Leo Smith & Jack DeJohnette - America
Wadada Leo Smith - Spiritual Dimensions  
Wadada Leo Smith & Ed Blackwell - The Blue Mountain's Sun Drumme
Walter Beltrami - Timoka  
Wanja Slavin 5tet - Scirocco
Warren Smith - Natural Cultural Forces
Way Out West - Old Grooves In New Streets
Wayne Horvitz - A Walk In The Dark
Wayne Horvitz - One Dance Alone

Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans - Electric Fruit 
Weightless - A Brush With Dignity
Whit Dickey Trio - Emergence

WHO Trio - Less Is More
William Gagliardi - Memories Of Tomorrow
William Gagliardi - Kenbillou

William Hooker - Earth's Orbit
William Parker & Hamid Drake - Vol. 2 Summer Snow
William Parker - Corn Meal Dance
William Parker - Alphaville Suite
William Parker - Double Sunrise Over Neptune
William Parker - Petit Oiseau
William Parker & Giorgio Dini - Temporary
William Parker - At Somewhere There 
William Parker & Gianni Lenoci & Vittorino Curci & Marcello Magliocchi - Serving An Evolving Humanity  
William Parker - I Plan To Stay A Believer/The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield
Willie Oteri & Dave Laczko - WD 41
Xabier Irondo & Gianni Mimmo - Your Very Eyes
Yá-sou - Tribute to Don Cherry
Yitzhak Yedid - Oud Bass Piano Trio - Suite In 5 Movements
Yo Miles! - Live At The Fillmore East 
Yo Miles! Shinjuku
Yo Miles! - Lightning
Yoni Kretzmer's New Dilemma
You Had Me At Hello - Meet Oliver Lake
You Had Me At Hello - Meet Ab Baars & Michael Moore 
Yuganaut - Sharks
Yuri Honing & Nora Mulder - Winterreise
Yuri Honing - Meet Your Demons
Yuri Yaremchuk/Mark Tokar/Klaus Kugel - Yatoku

Yuri Yaremchuk, Ilia Belorukov, Andrij Orel - Conditions
Yusef Lateef & Adam Rudolph - Towards The Unknown 
Yves Robert - Inspirine
Zbigniew Seifert - Solo Violin
Zé Eduardo Unit - Live In Capuchos
Zed-U - Night Time On the Middle Passage
Zero Centigrade - I Am Not Like You  
Zero Centigrade – I’m Not Like You
ZMF Trio - Circle The Path
Zu - The Way Of The Animal Powers