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Friday, March 30, 2007

Rob Reddy - A Hundred Jumping Devils (Reddy Music, 2007) ***½

Saxophonist Rob Reddy has always had his own style, not really mainstream jazz, not really avant either, but taking a modern middle-road, selecting ideas and influences left and right, sometimes in balkan music, but definitely not on this CD. I thought some of his previous albums at times irritating because the dragging sound of both his sax and his compositions. This albums is luckily different : a nice selection of strong compositions, with a great palet of instruments : Mark Taylor on French horn, Charles Burnham on violin, Brandon Ross on acoustic and electric guitars, Dom Richards on bass and Mino Cinelu on percussion. The musicians are excellent and their interplay great. The music is varied, but with focus, with great rhythms and rhythm changes. Something else for once : refreshing and accessible. Worth listening to many times.