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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eye Contact - Embracing The Tide/Making Eye Contact With God (Utech, 2005) ****

Matt Lavelle, trumpet player and bass clarinetist, together with Matt Heyner on bass and Ryan Sawyer on drums are "Eye Contact" who released on Utech this superb double CD, with more than two hours of free live improvization, recorded over two performances. Despite the limited line-up and the lenghty pieces, this band does not disappoint. Lavelle is constantly very creative with melody and tone explorations, emotionally and intense, accompanied by a rhythm section that complements him perfectly, both in the quiet or on the harder moments. The overall effect is rich, impactful music that keeps the attention going. At least mine, which can not be said of the audience, that keeps talking at the bar, apparently unaware of the performance. Luckily they get quiet over time as Lavelle and band start catching their attention, and they move into enthusiastic and spontaneous screams and handclapping over time. Not always for sensitive ears, but definitely for sensitive souls.