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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ellery Eskelin - Quiet Music (Prime Source, 2006) ***

Saxophonist Ellery Eskelin brings us quiet music indeed on this double album, yet don't let the title surprise you, this is not easy listening, but a permanent search for new musical avenues, yet brought in a calm and composed manner. Eskelin is accompanied as on his previous albums by Jim Black on drums, Andrea Parkins on keyboards and accordion, and with newcomer Jessica Constable on vocals, and on some pieces also with Philip Gelda on keyboards and voice. And what Eskelin does with this band, or rather what this band does together with Eskelin is excellent. The points of departure are recognisable, but brought differently, with tight interplay and unexpected turns. I am not a fan of vocal jazz and I definitely dislike vocalese, singing without words, and that explains the rather mean score I give to this album.Without the input of Jessica Constable the music would sound different, but I think I would appreciate it more.

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