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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ken Aldcroft

Yesterday I bought guitarist's Ken Aldcroft's "From Our Time", a record from 2003. I knew Aldcroft from his double CD "Kirby Sideroad" (2004) and from "His Mistress Never Sleeps" (1999), a tribute to Duke Ellington. Aldcroft is from Toronto, Canada, and his musical style is very modern, very bluesy and very open. Both in his compositions and guitar-playing Aldcroft manages to integrate the whole jazz-legacy without loosing his own voice, which is airy, carefully composed and free in the improvizations. At one moment it's bop, then free, then funk, then modern, but always with a creative touch, and a little harshness in the delivery, the tone of his guitar being more tuned for rock than for jazz, but it's accessible and compelling all the way. He is not breaking musical boundaries, but not everyone should do that. Once in a while it's good to have someone who brings it all together. On this album he is accompanied by Evan Shaw on alto saxophone, Gordon Allen on (pocket) trumpet and Joe Sorbara on drums. A great band with special kudo's for Joe Sorbara, whose drumming is absolutely excellent.

If you get the chance, get to know Aldcroft, you won't be disappointed. He is one of those musicians who clearly need wider recognition.


Anonymous said...


thanks for the 'special kudos' and thanks for listening.

peace and good music,

Stef said...

... all merits to you! Great musicianship with Tom Arthurs too...