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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where can you get CD downloads??

My main source of CDs is the Brussels public music library, where I think they have one of the largest public jazz library in the world, and you can borrow CDs for 1.5 euro for a week. That's where I borrow approx. 10 to 15 CDs a week. Browse under "Nom" (name) to see what they have to offer in jazz, it's truly amazing. You can also check under "Nouveautés" what they have to offer each month.

General downloadsites :
Allaboutjazz MP3Store
CDBaby (although as expensive as real CDs!)
Digstation (limited choice)

US only

Labels from which you can download
Leo Records (via
Moserobie (mainly Scandinavian)

Directly from the artist :
Bugge Wesseltoft's website (has other artists as well)
David Binney has some concerts and albums on his site.

Any other ideas? Please share them.

(Many thanks to Alan for his contribution)



Anonymous said...

Try Moserobie at for Hakon Kornstad, Havard Wiik and others; and for Atomic (other Jazzland recordings are available on emusic but not Atomic). David Binney has some concerts and albums on his site

Michael McCaw said...

The advantage of CdBaby and Artistshare though is that the artist is compensated at a much higher rate than any other distribution mean other than self distribution. Some artists do charge as much as going into a Borders, but at least at that point you are supporting the artist. I just, finally, ordered Maria Schneider's Sky Blue which was 16.99 from AristShare but well worth it... Other places would be indie jazz and of course Amazon has just launched their own download store...