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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Isglem - Fire (NORCD, 2003) ****½

I borrowed this CD two weeks ago, and it was an instant revelation. I had heard things from Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset, but this album really is something else. Karl Seglem plays sax, ram's horn, voice and electronics. The two musicians create a kind of music you've never heard before : tribal, intense, furious, melodic, mad, frantic, explosive, rhythmic, intimate, expansive, hypnotic, joyful, sad, ... and all that in a very compact format. The whole CD consists of 12 tracks of which only two last longer than 5 minutes. The major feat of this music is that it is absolutely impossible to classify, yet extremely coherent and unique in it's own approach. All pieces are totally different, but they all speak the same (new) musical language. It is so utterly creative and at the same time so accessible and avant-garde and out-of-this-world that it's hard to compare to anything I know.

All I can say is : get your copy of it!

Listen and download from Musiconline.