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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bobby Zankel Trio - Many In Body, One In Mind (CIMP, 2008) ***½

This new CD by the Bobby Zankel Trio, with the leader on alto, Dylan Taylor on bass and Edgar Bateman on drums, brings free jazz as I like it : straight ahead music, full of direct emotions and lots of space to move in, offering ample opportunity for the musicians to be creative, to work with the material and the ideas offered by the other players. Zankel himself is pretty intense, and at his best in the long improvisations. The themes are reminiscent of Ornette Coleman, but only seem to exist to kick-start the long pieces of free interaction, which does not mean that there is no focus in the music, quite on the contrary. This is highly rhythmic and melodic music, which does not change boundaries, but that's clearly not the band's intention. Zankel's sound on the alto is great, and so is Dylan Taylor on bass, but the most special appearance comes from Edgar Bateman, who is a pleasure to hear. The 78 year old drummer is still going strong, with a style which is a little unusual in its angularity, but that adds an interesting angle to the music.