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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magnus Broo Quartet - Painbody (Moserobie, 2008) ***½

It seems like there is an avalanche of good albums being released these days, and it's hard to keep up for your daily reviewer. Swedish trumpeter Magnus Broo has many voices, ranging from the more mainstream free bop as with this Magnus Broo Quartet, over the pleasant inventiveness of Atomic, free jazz as with 4 Corners, to the more avant-garde outings as with Boots Brown last year. The Magnus Broo Quartet consists of the leader on trumpet, Torbjörn Gulz on piano, Mattias Welin on electric bass and Jonas Holgersson on drums. The music is inspired, belonging to the modern mainstream, with once in a while some leanings to more free. The music is highly rhythmic, structured and fully in the service of Broo's strong trumpet playing, which is melodic and very energetic. It's a nice album, engaging but a little bit too much on the safe side for me.

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