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Monday, May 18, 2009

Petr Cancura, Joe Morris, Jason Nazary - Fine Objects (Not Two, 2009) ****

Great unpretentious sax trio, playing improvised music around thematic structures, with three excellent musicians, freely, but sounding like a very traditional bop sax trio. A pleasure to hear, "fine objects for listening", as Joe Morris aptly puts it in the liner notes. Morris plays bass, Petr Cancura tenor and soprano, and Jason Nazary drums. The playlist consists of two "older" Morris compositions, one by Dolphy, one by Ornette Coleman, and a few group compositions/improvisations. The sound quality is good, the technical skills are excellent, the improvisations deeply felt, the accessibility is high. No boundaries are broken, no exceptional things are tried out, but just listening to the absolute basic notion of what a sax trio should sound like, is a true joy. Petr Cancura is surely a guy to watch. He already released PeopleMusic earlier this year, and is planning for another trio release with Morris and Luther Gray later this year on AUM Fidelity.

Listen to an excerpt from "Rwanda"

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Stef said...

Hi Tim, I haven't received/bought a copy yet. I look forward to hearing it.