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Monday, September 28, 2009

KiKu Trio - Méthane (Veto Records, 2009) **

I do not usually review CDs that I don't like, but once in a while I will do it to make a more general point. The Swiss KiKu Trio consists of three excellent musicians : Yannick Barman on trumpet, Malcolm Braff on piano, and Cyril Regamey on drums. Together they create a really nice musical environment, quite sophisticated and creative, but then they tear it to pieces by the use of silly electronics. I have no problem with electronics per se, but why on earth would you use it in such a superficial and almost infantile way, making the trumpet sound like quacking ducks, or something between early 70s trials on a minimoog or the electronic sound of arcade games from the same period. Sorry guys, I don't get it. Do away with the silly electronics, and you have a nice album.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this CD. It sounds like a mix between all 20. century music styles, but with a lot of personality and, yes, I like the funny (not only funny) electronics.
The electronic processing on drums (moog seventies, duck...bla bla bla) are so great! It's groovy, powerfull and deep. And of course the three musicians are really talented. Thank you guys for that nice fresh music!

find said...

I agree with the second comment, those guys are killers! I saw that trio in concert and belive me, that was one of the greatest concert I heard in my life!