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Friday, September 4, 2009

Nuts - Symphony For Old And New Dimensions (Ayler, 2009) *****

This is the second release by the wonderfully free band "Nuts", and the first release was in my opinion among the best albums of last year, with a double trumpet front line, two drums and the bass of Benjamin Duboc. Rasul Siddik and Itaru Oki play trumpet and flugelhorn, Didier Lasserre and Makoto Sato play the drums. Duboc's philosophy is that music has no center anymore, it is created by the context of players, of the moment, of the creative inspiration. And that's how the music sounds: shifting phrases, floating on an evolution of ideas and inspirations of the moment, moving forward, yet without a clear path but still focused. The first part is close to twenty-five minutes long, the second fourty-three minutes, and they were recorded live at Le Carré Bleu, in Poitiers, France on February 5, 2009. And what you here is music flowing, with variations in the levels of intensity, without rhythms or melodies, yet utterly musical and lyrical. There is nothing harsh, abrasive or violent, just this interesting development of creative interaction. The band is one of the best developments in the musical lineage that was started by the AACM, but the title suggests other sources as well : Don Cherry's "Symphony For Improvisers", "Old & New Dreams", and "OtherDimensions In Music". All among my favorite albums and bands. Creative beauty, sensitive lyricism, controlled freedom, respectful dissonance, and moments of magical expressivity. Let's give them a five star rating again.

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allan said...

Sounds great -- can't wait for my copy to arrive!
What a pity the first release is still only available as a download.