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Sunday, September 6, 2009

DCIC with Greg Osby - Live At The Warehouse (Self Published, 2009) ***½

DCIC stands for DC (Washington) Improvisers Collective, a band with changing line-ups. For this album, it consists of Ben Azzara on drums, Daniel Barbiero on bass, Jonathan Matis on guitar, Mike Sebastian on tenor and saxello, and with Greg Osby as a special guest on alto. The album consists of three long improvised pieces, with especially Barbiero's arco bass setting the overall tone for the first piece. The music flows nicely and freely, and especially on the first piece, the focus seems to wander a little bit, giving the impression at times that the band as a whole is at a loss of what will come next, yet there are some truly beautiful interactions from all musicians. It has the pros and cons of many live recordings, the audience is close and present during the show, the sound quality, and especially the relative volume of the saxes suffer at times. If the band was more selective in the way it tries to present its music, the overall effect would become more powerful and less non-committal.

Listen and buy from the band's website.

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