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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog as source of information for jazz journalists

A self-serving message today: below you will find the results of a recent poll that Improvised Communications conducted among jazz editors, and I copy as it was published on their website.

"We recently asked 50 prominent writers and editors working in the jazz arena to complete a survey, with a special effort made to reach out to as diverse a sample as possible.

We asked them about their preferences for receiving information, how and where they listen to music and their interaction with publicists among many other things."


"When tackling the subject of blogs, we asked respondents to list five of their favorites. Oddly enough, more than half skipped this question completely, and only 37.5% filled in all five slots. Some even dedicated one or more of the slots to expressing their dislike for reading and/or discussing blogs at all.

The calculations don’t apply to write-ins, but the most popular choices were Destination: Out, Do The Math, Free Jazz, Jazz Beyond Jazz, Lerterland and Secret Society.

Blog influence

But this time, when we asked if what they read on these blogs influenced their own work, only 44.4% said yes."

So, it's good to know that this blog is being read by REAL jazz editors (even if only half of them). I'm not sure this means that this blog comes in the third place in the ranking, but it would seem so. I only hope that it will give some more exposure to the music reviewed here.

This blog is also in the fourth spot of the official jazz blog directory.



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luKe said...

Congrats! I am happy to be there from the beginning. Keep up the good work!

joesh said...

Hi Stef

It's really fun following your blog as I get to see/read about some other stuff going on in music. Since we just don't have the time to follow everything it's a very helpful tool for musicians and listeners alike.

I think for anybody that's really interested in music, or improvised music in this case, you should try following as many blogs as possible, and there are plenty!!

One blog that doesn't seem to be mentioned (as it's not a reviewers blog) is Dave Liebmans blog - I think it's called INTERVALS. It's certainly worth a look if you want some real musicians opinions on what's out there at the moment.

Keep up the nice work and maybe if people have other suggestions for good 'muso' blogs I'd be most interested - if that's okay with Stef of course.

p.s. Thanks for posting the link to the list also, most interesting.

Unknown said...

Well, I may not be a jazz editor, but I am a jazz writer and a music buyer for a small chain of record stores, and you're constantly turning me on to things that I like. You're the best barometer of forward thinking jazz around!

Stef said...

Thanks! And Joesh - of course suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest,Touching Extremes,great archive of improv reviews 2001-2008