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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


On Sunday I saw a concert of The Digital Primitives, with Cooper-Moore, Assif Tsahar and Chad Taylor, a remarkable trio full of the force of life, full of positive energy. A treat.

That same night my computer crashed, including many CDs and new material that I received digitally from labels and musicians in the past months. I hope the computer shop will be able to retrieve it all. Luckily I have back-ups till end January.

So, in the meantime, this special treat : the Cooper-Moore retrospective 1990- 2010 available for free download.

Here is the link.
Many of the music on this retrospective is hard to believe, shedding a different light on the artist, varying between musicals and madness, but in the usual Cooper-Moore tradition, full of creativity, without restraints of musical concepts and other straightjackets. Some of it are just snippets of theater performances, some are full songs.

It is not jazz though, let alone free jazz.

For you to enjoy.

© stef


Jason Crane said...

Thanks, Stef. Cooper-Moore was on The Jazz Session not long ago. Here's the link to the interview:

All the best,


jp said...

thank you Stef..DP's are an inspiration.

Michael Campbell said...

That was a really interesting interview. I'd definitely recommend it. Looking forward to hearing this material. Thanks Stef!

joesh said...

I'll second that when talking about the interview with Cooper-Moore on the Jazz Session. It was/is the most interesting interview that Jason's done on his show so far.

I've actually posted the link for that show several times and strongly suggest listening to this episode for any serious musician or listener.

Sadly I couldn't make the show. Regretting that one, but that's life!