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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Antripodean Collective - NTRPDN (Marchon, 2010) ****

The Australian Antripodean Collective continues further on their journey to more abstraction which they started with "Funcalls" two years ago. The band is still the same, with Scott Tinkler on trumpet, John Rodgers on violin, Ken Edie on drums and Marc Hannaford on piano.

The album consists of two long improvisations, clocking over half an hour each. The music is floating, above rhythm and melody, with the musicians playing sparse phrases, often in duos, succeeding each other in the solo spot, and with incredible listening skills, adding color, adding shades, making the theme and the character shift from intimate to urgent, from peaceful to energetic, yet maintaining a level of anticipative tension throughout.

The overall sound and quality of the playing is stellar, yet the high level of abstraction may take some effort to fully come into the music. In that sense it is for sure closer to new music than to jazz. But th effort is more than worth it.

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