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Saturday, December 4, 2010

No review today

I went to a concert by The Thing : absolutely excellent. Raw, energetic ... subtle and sensitive.

© stef


Michael Campbell said...


joesh said...

Yes, I thought about going, but couldn't find a babysitter. And finally just forgot about it.

On the other hand I also wonder if it's absolutely necessary that Mats Gustafsson has to play so loud all the time, it's becoming a bit like Mr Brotzman who also uses the same way of pummeling the listener into submission.

Stef said...

Hi Joe,
A pity indeed. Yes, power playing was indeed there all the time, but often in good balance with quieter moments.
But that's part of the fun: the uncompromising attitude.


Anonymous said...

I saw, The Thing earlier this year,but without Mats-just Joe McPhee on reeds,and was happily surprised.They sounded better than ,The Thing w/Mats (too garish for my taste),and more 'sophisticated' than,Trio X,but the 'life-changing' concert of the year was ,Michael Pisaro,Greg Stuart,et al.
Maybe,'not jazz',but something like it,something NEW:Progress.