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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rahim Alhaj - Little Earth (Ur Music, 2010)

A feel-good album to start the year. Iraqi oud player Rahim Alhaj assembles musicians from around the world and with different musical backgrounds and instruments for this nice and pleasant 2-disc set. Bill Frisell, Guy Klucevsek, Glen Velez and Eyvind Kang are possibly best known among jazz fans. The music is as welcoming as its title suggests, accomodating everyone, alienating nobody.

Music as a uniting force, my wish for 2011.

Most tracks are small ensemble pieces with a selection of the musicians below.

Rahim Alhaj: oud
Luis Alberto: violin
Roberta Arruda: violin
Monica de la Hoz: viola
Jesse McAdoo: cello
Robin Abeles: double bass
Issa Malluf: darbuka
Guy Klucevsek: accordion
Katie Harlow: cello
Bill Frisell: electric guitar
Eyvind Kang: viola
Yacouba Sissoko: kora
Roshan Jamal Bhartiya: sitar
Maria de Barros: vocals
Glen Velez: percussion
Chris Dorsey: guitar
Miguel Piva: guitar
Eric Slavin: guitar
Mariano Fontana: bass guitar
Peter Buck: guitar
Lorenzo Martinez: violin
Luis Gerra: double bass
Robert Mirabal: Native American flute
Liu Fang: pipa
Stephen Kent: didjeridu
Hossein Omoumi: ney
Souhail Kaspar: percussion

Peace to you all and a happy new year!

© stef


Wojtek said...

Happy New Year.
Stef, thanks for all your hard work and sharing your talent and creativity with all of us. It means a lot to many people.It does to me. Thank You again :)