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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tommaso Cappellato - Open (Elefante Rosso, 2009) ***

By Bryan McAllister

Michael Blake – Sax
Giovanni Guidi – Piano
Joe Rehmer – Bass
Tommaso Cappellato – Drums

“Open” begins with “Nowhere, Now Here,” which starts with an intriguing saxophone line and evolves along a route that embodies the album title. Like with nearly every album, there are high and low points, but luckily even the low points are pretty good. At best, like on tracks “World Traveller” and “The Knight,” the group sounds explorative and inspired: a tight piano trio with soaring saxophone lines and passionate solos.

Unfortunately “Episode 29” and a few other small parts of the album came across as a nice effort, but did nothing for me as a listener. However, the highlights of the album more than made up for any failed attempts. I would recommend picking up the album, or at least “World Traveller,” “The Knight,” as well as the title track.