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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Extended Review Team

Hi music fans,

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, our team of contributors has been broadened so that we can have more albums reviewed, more frequently, with more diverse insights and a broader scope of reviewing angles.

We hope that this will help you guide your music choices in the incredible amount of music that is being released at the moment.

You can look at the "Review Team" tag in the column on the right to get some more information (although often of high irrelevance) about our new team members (in random order) :

Phil Coombs
Denti Alligator
Paolo Casertano
Dan Sorrell
Steve Mossberg
Tom Burris
Martin Schray
Troy Dostert

... hailing from the US, Canada, Singapore, Italy and Germany.

We have some more additional volunteers from whom we hope to hear shortly.

I want to thank them for their enthusiasm and insightful contributions. Needless to say that each of them comes with his own vision, personal preferences and writing style. But that adds to the diversity.

I also want to thank Paul Acquaro for the onboarding of the new contributors and for the general organisation of this blog.

Enjoy the music!!



Unknown said...

What happened to Stanley Zappa? i enjoy his reviews.

joesh said...

Hi Premo

I guess Stanley is a little busy and hasn't had time to write anything for awhile. If you go to the 'review team' page - link found on the right hand side of the main page - you can always drop him a line (*) saying how much you liked his reviews. Maybe with this he'll be inspired to write us some more?

Thanks for your comment.

*= There's a link to his blog in Stanley's presentation.

Smiley said...

What can I do to possible send you a CD for a review?

-Matt Smiley