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Friday, September 7, 2012

Brötzmann Week Epilogue

By Martin Schray

In addition to the reviews during the past week, I would like to give mention to a wonderful set of reissues on the Austrian Cien Fuegos label. Brötzmann told me that he has never worked with such a reliable label since Jost Gebers has given up FMP. Cienfuegos has released legendary and long out-of-print Brötzmann albums like “Balls”, “Tschüss” and the 7-inch “Einheitsfrontlied” (all of them with Van Howe/Bennink), “Schwarzwaldfahrt” and “Ein halber Hund kann nicht pinkeln” (with Bennink) and “The Nearer the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat” (with Harry Miller and Louis Moholo). Some might say that it is a pity that they are only released as limited vinyl versions but Brötzmann himself is very pleased with  it and he has promised that there are more to come.

At the age of 71 Peter Brötzmann, who is a reserved, reflective and friendly man, usually releases more than ten albums every year. Except the reviewed albums there is another project soon to be released, a duo album with Jason Adasiewicz (vib) on Eremite and there is a five-CD-box in preparation about the 2011 Wels festival he curated. Recently he told me that he is doing fine and that he was touring South America with Steve Noble and John Edwards, where lots of people came to his shows obviously having a lot of catching up to do. Give the people what they need, Mr Brötzmann!


Anonymous said...

¡¡ Thank you for make easier we can follow the incredible activity of P.B !!

Now listening "Hairy bones - snakelust" and ¡it´s amazing brutal!

Stef said...

Hi Martin,
Great reviews and insights, a compliment that is undoubtedly shared with many readers of the blog.


Richard said...

Thanks to all the reviewers who paticipated in this, especially Martin. I now have the pleasant problem of deciding which to buy. I'm thinking the duo first.

Let me also recommend a Brotzmann that hasn't been reviewed here, the Tentet Live at Molde. I generally like the small group settings, but this one is outstanding.
Of course, given the 10 musicians, this isn't surprising.

I'd like to see more of these themed weeks, if any of the reviewers are up for it.

Martin Schray said...

Thank you, Richard. I totally agree as to the Tentet live at Molde. In fact, the Chicago Tentet is my favorite Brötzmann group and I am really looking forward to listening to the Wels box to come. If you are interested watch this:
It's the final concert of Brötzmann's 70th birthday celebration in Wuppertal, his hometown. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, have a look at the last 15 minutes. They'll blow you away.