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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dave Brubeck (1920 – 2012)

Once Jazz was a black and white affair, as you can see from such images from TV ... keys on the piano, people playing and listening ...

But the music of the great pianist and composer David Brubeck has been always been made of many colors. The yellow of the introductory drumming, the blue of the involving piano patterns, the green of the easy and friendly bass lines, through the red of the sax theme.

Or any color you perceive in this kaleidoscope of love for the Music.

Because we are sure you’re right at this moment rhythmically beating your foots under the desk, or whistling, or snapping your fingers, or just feeling lighter, we know you will miss him as we do. 

© stef


Pascal GEORGES said...

Hello Stef,
je viens juste de me replonger dans Brubeck avec l’achat d'un triple coffret consacré à ses albums où il déstructure le temps - ce billet hommage tombe à pic.
Brubeck a beaucoup influencé par sa mise en place du pattern rythmique fondamental et systématique...
En ce moment je décortique Miles...
Autre chose, mais maitre du temps, lui aussi.
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