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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spam, Spam!

When I was a kid back in the 60s one of my favourite sandwich/picnic filling was ... spam! Unfortunately this word has changed it's meaning in the past few years to a very negative term, which for all you internet users I probably don't have to explain too much. However, in the past few months we're starting to receive quite a lot of 'spam', which naturally means we have to look through our comments sections and wipe/ filter out the spam. 

So what does this mean? If you've left a legitimate comment and it hasn't been published please let us know as we're deleting mass spam comments every day from our comments box, and that means that occasionally real comments get caught up in the process. Sorry for inconvenience but it also saves you, and others, from being re-directed to a Viagra site, or having your email phished or simply reading nonsensical remarks which are of no real interest.

Thanks for following the blog ... happy reading, and of course if you like spam in your sandwiches ... bon appetite!   

© stef


Stanley Jason Zappa said...

I dunno...there was some pretty sound financial advice in some of those comments...

joesh said...

If only ... ;-O.

Stef said...

Our spam filter is set to stop any comment older than one day. We check the older ones manually and delete the hundreds of spam comments we get every few days. This means that it may take sometimes a few days before genuine user comments on older posts become published. We have to publish them ourselves.