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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Memorize the Sky - re-release of 3" recordings ****

It's interesting that thanks to digital possibilities, older and unknown recordings come back to life. I loved Memorize The Sky's albums "Creeks" and "In Former Times". 

The band is Matt Bauder on tenor saxophone, Zach Wallace on bass and Aaron Siegel on percussion, but it is far removed from the traditional sound you can expect from this line-up. The trio's approach is minimalistic, with an aesthetic entirely their own, with lots or even only extended techniques creating soundsculptures that are incredibly beautiful. 

They re-released three tracks : the first is their first recording, a 3" CD-R of a live concert at Kerrytown Concerthouse in Ann Arbor, MI from January 2001, the second a 3" CD-R of a live concert as part of the eggwolf series at the Read in Brooklyn from Dec 200, the third recording a 3" CD-R of a live concert at Context studios in Brooklyn from June 2001.

In total you get thirty minutes of listening joy! More than worth looking for.

You can download from the label.