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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bart Maris & Lode Vercampt - Krommekeer (El Negocito, 2013) ****

By Stef

Trumpeter Bart Maris is one of the leading figures in Belgian modern jazz, a member of bands such as Think Of One, Flat Earth Society, Moker and the now defunct X-Legged Sally, all bands which mix jazz with rock and other influences. And then he's done much more, in more adventurous settings with Benoît Delbecq, Wilbert De Joode, Viktor Tóth, and many more.

On this beautiful album we find him in the company of Lode Vercampt on cello. On twenty-three short pieces, Maris plays material of his that he's been playing over the decades in various settings and arrangements, but now restricted to its absolute essence as a musical idea to further explore upon. The sound is intimate and chamber-like, with the cello adding the right level of contrast and careful interaction to make this album a success.

The interplay is strong and both instruments a perfect match - and I wonder why this line-up has not been used more often. Both musicians have an exquisite tone on their instrument, as you would expect in a classical environment, but then they can add this little bending of notes, the more daring sighs and grunts and screams to make the sound come to live, to make it human, more real, more physical and less abstract. Even if the pieces are short, they manage to tell a story at each time, create an atmosphere, and one that is slightly different from the previous track yet sufficiently coherent to make this more than just an interesting album with excellent sound quality.

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