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Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Design ... Same Blog

Dear readers (and fans) of the Free Jazz Collective,

You may have noticed that we have a new lay-out for our website, which is fantastic news after so many years with the same visuals and lay-out. The new look is accessible, it looks more professional and of higher quality.

We hope that the new features will be able to facilitate access and comments. We added a new video section on top, and please browse to discover how it's now organised.

There are still some little mistakes that need to be updated, so please bear with us for this.

I want to thank Paul Acquaro whose skills and creative ideas and lots of sweat (and tears?) made this happen. Since we are all volunteers, reviewing albums and working as members of the Free Jazz Collective in our free time, this is doubly appreciated.

Many thanks and enjoy the new and refreshed pages. Suggestions are always welcome.



Steve N said...

Great new look!

Richard said...

It looks great, folks. And I love the video feature.

Philippe said...

two little nitpicks:
1. Can the body text be a little bit bigger please? it is pretty hard to read for these old eyes.It is set on the .post-body class, currently set to 12px. 14px would be much better.
2. You should think about visitors who use the keyboard to navigate the page (using the tab key). Currently, except for the header part, there is absolutely no indication where the focus is . Removing the @outline:none@ from the @a:link, a:visited@ selector will fix that.

Thank you, p.

dobrodziej said...

Love the new layout very much. For me it's actually a long-awaited shift. Good job! Another would be, if I may suggest, adding a list of musicians somewhere at the top. It's really useful for scanning the posts, especially that a growing number of albums are credited to rather mysterious collectives of quite obscure names :)

Unknown said...

Great job ! Looks real good to me. Thank you and keep up the great work you all are doing here. It is a great source of information and helps with my collection. Thanks my friends. :>)

Anonymous said...

Your passionate comments are very appreciated.