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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy New Ears 2015: Let the Voting Begin!

Free Jazz Blog's Happy New Ears Poll
You all have proven once again that your tastes are unimpeachable, your ears are limitless, and have helped to underscore the observation that it has indeed been another great year for new music!

We had many many albums nominated for the New Ears 2015 award and though it wasn't easy to take all of the great reviewer nominations and reader suggestions and tease out a select 15, here they are, ready for your votes (look to the right).

You can vote between now and December 31 at midnight, when the winner will be declared and a new year of new music begins. Please remember - this is NOT ABOUT THE BEST ALBUM, but about the MOST INNOVATIVE LISTENING EXPERIENCE.

Here are the finalists:


Anonymous said...

I really dont understand Why Christian Lillinger: Grund is not nominated.
The only reason I can Think of is that People have NOT heard it ?
It is an AMAZING record - so I Recommend you all check it out !!!

Stefan said...

There is just too much music out there.

Colin Green said...

With over 1,500 albums produced each year, and limited advertising (if any) it's doubtful that anyone one could listen to anything more than a fraction of the releases. Naturally, every musician and label believes that their albums should make the cut.

slovenlyeric said...

What a wonderful list. Some great music. I forgot how blessed we have been this year. There are two I have not heard. I will have to go find them. Thank you for putting this together.

minona said...

Quite interesting selection. I am missing a few albums, but when I loaded the ones I have to the player, added a few of my favorite ones for this year, and removed Matana - it made it pretty rewarding and enjoyable listening.