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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Hugjiltu 胡格吉乐图 - Cycle 循环 (Dusty Ballz, 2022)

By Keith Prosk

Hugjiltu plays eight environments for tsuur, morin khuur, voice, synthesizer, recordings, and a custom guitar grafting the tunings of Mongolian lute and fiddle on the 41’ Cycle 循环.

Hugjiltu previously played in folk-fusion groups Hanggai and Ajinai but here pursues solo improvisation that engages Mongolian folk musics as a springboard for self-expression rather than a boundary from others’ expectations.

Hear birdsong, cockcrows, water, and wind and urban noise as surrounding sounds chronicle the journey from the country to the city and back again. Honeyed melodies float and flutter against the environment and a warm synthesizer ambiance. Layers of grooves of repeating pickings and soaring bowings. Resonant beating strings and multiphonic throat singing. Bluesy strums and slides, bent notes, low tones, and warm hums. Frame drum palms along some resonating body. A sunny pastoral comfort and pleasantness runs through it. Wholeheartedly a feelgood record.