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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vinny Golia - Sfumato

Sfumato by Vinny Golia is one of those records that I put on countless times last year (partly while painting my bathroom and since this is no background music, my walls suffered terribly). This quartet also consists of Bobby Bradford (trumpet), Ken Filiano (bass) and Alex Cline (drums). Golia, who plays soprano, bass flute and bass clarinet, created some really strong compositions for Sfumato. Veteran Bobby Bradford is a great asset for this band, creating the right gloomy atmosphere. Golia gets out of his instruments what is in them : high double sounds, shouts, long staccato pieces, but also at times a velvety softness. Cline is never less than efficient, with lots of light touches. The real treat on this album is Ken Filiano, whose arco work is stellar, and who even keeps supporting the soloists in a telepathic fashion right up to the very highest tones of the horns. This music is free, without any doubt, but still quite structured and anchored in both jazz and blues idioms. Highly recommended.
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