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Monday, September 24, 2007

Eddie Prévost & Alan Wilkinson - So Are We, So Are We (Matchless, 2007) ***½

If you can enjoy Coltrane and Ali's Interstellar Space, then you must be open to this duo consisting of Eddie Prévost on drums and Alan Wilkinson on baritone and alto. The playing is as ferocious, using all possibilities of the instruments without any preconceived structure or concepts, no rhythm or melody, just the rawest interaction possible between two individuals, conversing, encouraging one another, creating sparks of intensity, of new sounds, of new meaning, of new textures. Prévost is one of the founders of the AMM concept, an acronym whose meaning is still hidden, but for all purposes could be coined as "Adventurous Modern Music" or "Avant Modern Music". Whatever it might be, he has stuck to his concept - and record label - since the first AMM recording in 1966. In contrast to the real experimental scene, the music is played by acoustic instruments, offering a more direct emotional expressiveness and rapport with the listener that so much avant-garde music lacks. Both musicians are absolutely excellent and bring a great listening experience.

(In the meantime I know what AMM stands for : Audacis Musicae Magistri, which is Latin for "The Masters of Audacious Music", which is MAM in English, so I can guess why they went for the Latin).