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Monday, September 24, 2007

Rawfishboys - WaR (none, 2007) ****

If there ever was a mismatch between cover art and music, then this one is a serious contender. The sketchy drawing suggests total improvization, the title WaR suggests conflict and rawness. In reality, the music is gentle, subtle, sophisticated, amiable even at times, but definitely in total contrast with the imagery of the cover. The music is by Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet and bass clarinet and Brice Soniano on double bass. The former is Belgian, the latter French. Their music is hard to describe, and they give it a try by listing a whole range of influences ranging from pygmy music over baroque to Thelonious Monk and Dave Douglas to Ren & Stimpy. It sounds at times like mediterranean music with a chamber-like feel, sometimes like something that could come from Ned Rothenberg, or between melodious accessible music to risky but well-balanced sound explorations. The two musicians are technically and musically highly skilled and they demonstrate this capability through lots of variations on the eight very short tracks, all adding up to approx. 30 minutes. The result is a perfect balance between authentic search for new form, excellent musicianship and true emotions. We need more of this.

Listen to their music on My Space

The album can be downloaded via iTunes.


Jean Francois said...

Lots of intersting, innovative music coming from Belgium.

There seems to be many young and promising jazz musicians over there.

Thanks again for a very well researched post.

Jean François