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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Red Rockett - Mitten (Rat Records, 2007) ****

"Mitten" is the debut album by Red Rocket', a trio with Joachim Badenhorst from Belgium on tenor and clarinet, Simon Jermyn on guitar and Sean Carpio on drums, the latter both from Ireland. Badenhorst is a clarinet-player first and foremost, the sax being his second instrument. After his studies in Antwerp, he went to the Music Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands, were he had lessons from amongst others John Ruocco. This technically and compositionally strong trio brings music that is really fun to hear : very fresh and open, in part thanks to the interesting melodic explorations and the rock-influences. They vary more abstract harmonic themes with intense moments and despite the openness, the music is carefully crafted and sounds very finished. Badenhorst's solos are structured, focused and above all emotional. With Jermyn and Carpio he has found true soulmates, both in terms of technical skills and musical approach. Fans of Chris Speed, Jim Black and Hilmar Jensson will really enjoy this one.

Samples can be listened to on Myspace