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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Unit - Time Setting (BMC, 2007) ****

Unit is an international band, with the Belgian Laurent Blondiau on trumpet and flugelhorn, the Frenchmen Matthieu Donarier on sax/clarinet and Sebastian Boisseau on bass, Hungarian Gabor Gado on guitar and the Danish Stefan Pasborg on drums. "Time Setting", which was released on the Hungarian BMC label, brings 13 short tracks, all close to two minutes, with in addition three longer pieces, of which the longest lasts 18 minutes. So far for the time indications. The music is light and open, a little more anchored in tradition, but still part of the more experimental modern jazz category. The tracks are too short to make long improvizations possible and hence are really very compact melodic sculptures created with great precision of tone, sound and structure. The large number of tracks makes it also possible to put various moods next to each other : sometimes menacing, sometimes sad, sometimes anxious, or even funny at times. The five musicians are not only technically very good, but they are also musically on the same line, which makes the unity and coherence of the whole album really strong. Recommended!

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