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Monday, December 10, 2007

Paul Dunmall - All Said And Dun (Loose Torque, 2007) ***½

British saxophonist Paul Dunmall is a productive musician. Here he is again with a new album, accompanied by Nick Stephens on double bass and Tony Marsh on drums. The album consists of four lengthy pieces, which are totally free improvisation, calmly and gently exploring the sounds and the rhythms. This is indeed not a blowfest, there is no aggression or harshness to be heard, but rather musical openness, tentative explorations and huge amounts of musical feeling. And it's especially the latter which is really becoming Dunmall's trademark, his tone is warm, buttery, rounded, yet the end result and the overall tonality and atmosphere superbly co-created by the rhythm section. Stephens and Marsh are extremely sensitive and precise musicians, contributing to the overall subtlety and expressiveness of this album.