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Friday, December 14, 2007

Trumpet-percussion duo

This is an update of an earlier topic - I added Lester Bowie, Phillip Wilson, Olu Dara and Max+Dizzy, the latter can be seen on the clip below, taken from the same concert as on the CD.

There are obviously much less trumpet-drums duo albums than sax-drums duos, and comparable in that respect to the trio format. I put the Chicago Underground Duo's CDs between brackets because they also use vibes and electronics once in a while.

Wadada Leo Smith & Günter Baby Sommer : Wisdom In Time
Wadada Leo Smith & Adam Rudolph : Compassion
Dave Douglas & Han Bennink : Serpentine
Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell : Mu
Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell : El Corazon
Don Cherry & Latif Khan : Music/Sangam
Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara : True Events
Taylor Ho Bynum & Eric Rosenthal : And Only Life My Lush Lament
Taylor Ho Bynum & Eric Rosenthal : Cenoté
Toshinori Kondo & Paul Lovens - The Last Supper
Bill Dixon & Tony Oxley - Papyrus 1
Bill Dixon & Tony Oxley - Papyrus 2
Guido Mazzon & Andrea Centazzo - Double 1; Double 2,
Guido Mazzon & Andrea Centazzo - Double 3; Double 4
Robyn Schulkowsky & Nils Petter Molvaer - Hastening Westward
Rajesh Mehta & Paul Lovens - Orka (solo and duos)
(Chicago Underground Duo - Axis and Alignment)
(Chicago Underground Duo - Synesthesia)
Lester Bowie & Phillip Wilson - Duet
Phillip Wilson & Olu Dara - Esoteric
Max Roach & Dizzy Gillespie - Max+Dizzy
Magnus Broo & Paal Nilssen-Love - Game

Watch the duo performance of Max & Dizzy in Paris in 1989.


matt w said...

Don't know if you're looking for more examples, but if you are...

Another example is Natsuki Tamura with Aaron Alexander and Jim Black, White & Blue. Black and Alexander play on different tracks, so it is a duet and not a trio.

Also if I remember correctly Ralph Alessi & Shane Endesley "Vice & Virtue" is mostly trumpet/drums; there's a guest trombone on one track, and Endesley plays trumpet himself also. It's been a while since I've heard this, but I think it was at least as much trumpet-drums as the Cherry/Blackwell and Dixon/Oxley.

Herb Robertson/Phil Haynes "Ritual" is one I've never heard.