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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lonely Woman - 8 Femmes Seules (Minium Label, 2007) ****

Last year, the Minium Label came out with a series of CDs with the brilliant idea to ask all of the individual musicians to play a cover of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman", which is in my humble view still one of the most beautiful and complete jazz pieces every written. The CD itself can only be obtained if you return a flyer which is in all the other CDs, which is a nice marketing trick. Therefore I exceptionally share this link with the full CD which I found on someone else's blog.

The musicians are :
1. Stephan Oliva & Suzanne Abbuehl (piano + vocals)
2. Marc Copland & Bill Carrothers (two pianos)
3. Stephan Oliva & Joey Baron (piano + drums)
4. Bruno Angelini - Lonely Woman (piano)
5. Stephan Oliva & Claude Tchamitchian (piano + arco bass)
6. Stephan Oliva & Jean-Marc Foltz (piano + clarinet)
7. Giovanni Mirabassi (piano)
8. Stephan Oliva & Linda Sharrock (piano + vocals)
9. René Urtreger - L'échafaud (piano)

Only René Urtreger covers the Miles Davis tune L'échafaud. As you see the CD is very much a piano album, but a great one, more mainstream than free but the tracks with Tchamitchian and Foltz make up for this.