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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kreng - DJ set

Now here is an interesting concept by Belgian DJ Kreng : take 24 free jazz or avant-garde solo albums and mix them into one. In itself this is of course an utterly bizarre notion, like cutting copies of abstract paintings into pieces to use the lines to create something else. By doing that much of the original artistry is destroyed, both in intention and in performance. But so what? Why not use the notes, bits and pieces of phrases and create something else out of it? In my eyes this is the exact opposite of what free jazz is all about - there is no spontaneity, no improvization, no authenticity, no group interaction, no emotional directness ... So we need other criteria to evaluate this. I will let you judge it for yourself.

Download the entire mix Kreng DJ Set

For more information on the initiative : here is the link to FantOOm Records. The full list of the original material is also to be found on this website. You can of course challenge yourself. Listen to it first and see whether you can identify the music's origin.