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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ulrich Drechsler - Daily Mysteries (Cracked An Egg, 2007) ***½

Much in the same vein as his previous album, "Humans & Places", Ulrich Drechsler continues with sad, sophisticated jazz, that falls within the post-bop category. Next to Drechsler on bass clarinet, the trio further consists of Heimo Trixner on Guitar and Jörg Mikula on drums. Much as on the previous album, human emotions play a central role. Not the all-important dramatic incidents, but the daily mysteries, these little things that affect us, quietly, compassionately, tenderly, ... And so is the music. Despite the drums, this can be qualified as chamber jazz, because the mood is still, the moment silent, the context calm. Drechsler looks for the esthetics in melody and performance, and he succeeds well in this endeavour. His playing is great, subtle, full of nuance and emotional depth. Adding the guitar to replace piano and drums gives his music an even stronger fragile touch of vulnerability. Both Trixner and Mikula are excellent, not only technically, but especially in capturing the mood of the music in all its openness and frozen emotions. For lonely or even romantic late evening moments ... and therefore a little too soft in its approach for my taste.

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Anonymous said...

excellent description/review of this album. feel the same way about it as you do!
cheers from austria, harald