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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nuts - L'Atelier Tampon Ramier September 2007 (Sans Bruit, 2008) *****

Here is one more album that really tickles every braincell of mine that is linked to enjoyment and pleasure, despite the music's inherent sadness. With a double trumpet front, a double drums rhythm section and a single double bass, with a mixture of French and Japanese musicians and one American, this CD delivers the goods. Benjamin Duboc on bass, Didier Lasserre and Makoto Sato on drums, Itaru Oki and Rasul Siddik on trumpet, flutes and other objects, play an exceptional kind of free jazz : totally improvised with a stunning power and cohesiveness. The album consists of two long tracks : "First Nuts" and "Nuts Society", which evolve as slowly, expansively, freely and subdued as possible. A flow of sounds, sad, inevitable, accentuated, muted, moves on like a river of emotions, flowing endlessly to the sea. There is no rhythm to discern, no melody to remember, yet there is a forward motion which is far more fundamental than rhythm, there are sounds and emotional outbursts which go beyond the remembrance of pure melody. But it's not all softness and quiet flow, there are some rapids, cascades and intense parts too, with all musicians unleashing their powers, yet always coherently, keeping focus, moving on in the same direction. It's music you want to hear over and over again, to experience now, as it is played, not as tunes in your head. The coherence of the five musicians' interplay for such a totally improvised piece is exceptional. At times "Other Dimensions In Music" comes to mind, or Wadada Leo Smith, or Daniel Carter, and these are great references. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like very interesting music. Unfortunately (for me anyway) it appears to be a download only. I really hope this isn't the future.

Thanks for all your reviews

Nick S.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully for the musicians (and their families), some of their music can be released that way in the future. We're offering it in lossless quality too.
Producing CDs remains very expensive, believe me. Would you prefer for that music to remain unheard?

Anonymous said...

Sans Bruit,

Please forgive me, I didn't mean for my comment to offend. I know nothing about the music business and wish you the best.
I was impressed by the clips presented and would have tried to purchased a CD of this material. I am just an old guy and don't know MP3 from a hole in the ground. I have a nice stereo and that's how I listen to music. The truth is, I would be just as happy if music still came out on LP. So you see, I'm kind of a relic.
Again, I hope your music finds the wide audience it deserves.

Nick S.

Stef said...

I believe that digital music is unavoidable and possibly the ideal solution for small niche music. It makes it economically viable and accessible to listeners.

Of all the music I download, I burn the best on CD, so that I can listen to it in my car. I will burn "Nuts" for sure. Try with Nero or any other software if you prefer the physical thing.


Anonymous said...

your comment did not offend, sorry if my reply sounded a little harsh. I just wanted to point out that we're trying to do things right for the music, and offering it in the best quality possible even if not in physical form being part of this.
Thank you (and Stef also) for the positive comments.