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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yo, Miles! Live At The Fillmore East 1999

Yo, Miles! is the Miles Davis tribute band led by Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith. Their "Sky Garden" and "Upriver", both released on Cuneiform, are highly recommended for fans of the electric Miles period.

Browsing the internet, I came across this free download of their Fillmore East concert in 1999.

High energy playing throughout and good sound quality for a free live recording.

Old news to some of you probably, but I hope that I can make a few others happy.

The band consists of :

Henry Kaiser- guitar
Wadada Leo Smith- trumpet
Zakir Hussein- tablas
Michael Manring- bass
Nels Cline- guitar
Chris Muir- guitar
Alex Cline- drums
Tom Coster- keyboards
ROVA Saxophone Quartet:
Bruce Ackley
Steve Adams
Jon Raskin
Larry Ochs


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Unknown said...

Thanks for the info!