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Friday, March 13, 2009

David S. Ware - Health update

Please see below a message from Steven Joerg of AUM Fidelity

Dear friends, fans and extended family of the AUM Community:

I’m very happy to report some great news on David’s journey. The first of the beautiful people who came forward in response to the call for help – this particular beautiful person being Laura Mehr – has passed the screening process with flying colors, and a date – May 5th – has been scheduled for the kidney transplant operation.

In the 8 weeks leading up to this, David will of course continue his intensive daily dialysis regimen, and following the operation he will have at least a 3 month recuperation period.

In response to our initial email, a number of folks inquired about sending donations to David to help cover expenses during this time in which he has not been and will not be able to work. For details on sending donations of support to David in this time, as well as note from and further info on donor Laura Mehr, and continued updates on the progress, please click and bookmark this page:

To all who forwarded and posted our original email with the critical news of his search, please do the same with this notice and the aforementioned URL so that the good news may be spread as well!

Thank you Laura(!) and to all once again for your emails and energy of support;
here’s to full-on success on May 5th and forward!

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

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