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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yves Robert - Inspirine (Chief Inspector, 2008) ****

French trombonist Yves Robert delivers a wonderfully creative and rhythmic piece of music with "Inspirine", in the not so common format of a trombone trio. Cyrille Atef plays drums on all pieces, and Bruno Chevillon plays bass and Vincent Courtois cello, yet not together. It's always a trio format, although there is some overdubbing. The pieces are composed, well-structured with room for improvisation. The compositions are delightful in their joy and musical fun. All sixteen tracks are compact and dense, packed with ideas and great in their performance. For those familiar with "In Touch", his highly succesful ECM album, despite the fact that it's the same trio (without Chevillon), there is hardly any musical relationship or ressemblance, with the ECM album offering very lengthy expansive pieces. Both albums are excellent, but here the music dances, sings, swings, funks, ... yet it can also switch to more plaintive, melancholy moments, yet keeping a great sense of melody and attention to detail. This is music that is so full of humanity, warm, honest and highly likeable, without pretense and very creative.

Listen to an extract from "Between The Bliss And Me".

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