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Monday, October 5, 2009

Solo violin

Because I listened earlier today to L. Subramanian's solo violin album, I thought I would add a short memo  on the topic of this rare kind of performance.

Gunda Gottschalk's Wassermonde, dating from 2004, is one I recently discovered, and also highly recommended for the more adventurous listeners.

Here is a limited list of jazz solo violin albums.

  • Mark Feldman - Music For Violin Alone
  • C. Spencer Yeh - Solo Violin
  • Polly Bradfield - Solo Violin Improvisations
  • Zbigniew Seifert - Solo Violin
  • Leroy Jenkins - Solo Concert
  • Leroy Jenkins - Solo
  • Billy Bang - Distinction without a Difference
  • Billy Bang - Commandment
  • Gunda Gottschalk - Wassermonde
  • Stefano Pastor - Chants 
  • Jesse Zubot - Dementia

In the international classical music, L. Subramaniam - "Three Ragas For Solo Violin" can be recommended, as do of course some of the real classic works by Bach, Paganini and Bartok. Add to that Eugène Ysaÿe, Paul Giger for the more modern composers and performers.

More ideas are welcome.


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Alexandre Galand said...

Maybe you can find something in Tony Conrad's works. There is also Eugene Ysaÿe with his sonatas.

Anonymous said...

Paul Giger - Schattenwelt
Paul Giger - Chartres

by ECM New Series

Anonymous said...

Jesse Zubot-"Dementia" on Drip Audio(he overdubs,though).

Can be heard here(think in US,only)


Stef said...

Great! Thanks for all the suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Had to mention ,Mike Khoury.He often comes close to "solo",but only has a couple of "solos" on one CD,that I know of...
Most 'jazz violin' doesn't 'move' me,but his discs on small labels redefine the genre-

Battlefield Medicine is sublime(bug incision);also,'Caress Of My Fist' (Spread The Disease).

These two are available(as of now),but my favorite,"Horizon" w/Ben Hall and Jon Voigt is OOP;his work is consistently excellent,so find the ones,still available:YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED!


jazzowy alchemik said...

it's not violin bot a viola (i guess it's close enough) and also some double bass pieces, but szilard mezil released a fantastic solo album on not two label last year.
Mint amikor tavasz / When Spring. highly recommended. absolutely stunning playing (and i'm greatful to owner of the label who had doubts whether or not to release it but eventually decided artistic-wise , not commercial value-wise :)

jazzowy alchemik said...

not a violin but viola (i guess it's close enough) and some double bass pieces also - great recording by Szilar Mezil on Not Two records
Mint amikor tavasz / When Spring. Some absolutely stunning playing :)